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Australia: 8-year-old writing to Tony Abbot every day to ask for equal marriage

Nick Duffy August 8, 2014

Tony Abbott

An 8-year-old girl is writing to Australian Prime Minister every day in order to ask for same-sex marriage.

The girl, Abbey, has been writing the letters in support of her uncle Gregory Storer, who married his same-sex partner this year.

Mr Storer is posting the letters on his blog.

Her first letter, posted this week, reads: “My unkls are gaye and we had to go to New Zeland to have ther wedding… they wont to get marred in Astralea but thats eligle.

“I will write to you once a day for a week. P.S. I wold like the law changed.”

Her second letter – for which Abbey appears to have help with her spelling – reads: “Gay marriage is no different to any other marriage because its only about love and nothing else.

“I would like the law changed.”

The third reads: “To Tony Abbot, I’m just reminding you that I’m writing to you once a day for a week because I would like the law changed. Abbey age 8.”

In her fourth letter, Abbey begins to get upset about Abbott’s lack of response, writing: “I haven’t had a reply from you yet so when you have time please write back.”

In her fifth letter, she simply put: “Change is normally for the best. it’s okay to make a change to laws and the way you think.”

Her penultimate letter Ā reminded him of the change she wanted, reading: “I would absolutely love it if you would change the law about gay marriage.”

Abbey rounded off her last letter by writing: “I’ve loved writing to you. Gay marriage is what my uncles should have the right to do.

“Please, please change the law šŸ™‚ ”

Abbott is yet to respond to any of the letters.

Mr Storer wrote: “What’s really good to know is that the subject of marriage equality is a topic of conversation in her house.

“That’s what we need. People prepared to have the conversation and then to act and do something.

“If she should ever hear from the PM, Iā€™ll be sure to let you know.”

DespiteĀ 72% of Australians supporting marriage equality, with just 21% opposed, Liberal Prime Minister Tony Abbott remains staunchly opposed.

However, it is “highly likely”Ā that MPs from his Liberal party will be allowed a free vote on an upcoming same-sex marriage bill for the first time.

(h/t JoeMyGod)

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