US author: Gay couples are perverts that corrupt our kids

Natassja Zielinski August 6, 2014
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An author has written a column accusing gay couples of being perverts who harm children.

Tim Dunkin, a chemist and freelance author, made his claims in an article for conservative magazine RenewAmerica.

He wrote: “Along with gay ‘marriage’, the adoption of children by homosexual couples is fast becoming one of the foremost elements of the radical homosexualist agenda to be judicially imposed upon this country.

“The purpose for this […] is to allow gays to ‘recruit’ children into the constellation of ‘queer’ lifestyles.”

Dunkin also claimed that by allowing gay adoption, “you are handing children over to on-going, endemic abuse that will last for the next 18 years.”

He continued: “That is a crime against humanity, and no sane society would do this.

“Don’t let perverts corrupt our kids while trying to live out an impossible fantasy.”

Elsewhere in the rant, he criticised the case of Tammy Lobel, a transgender child who first vocalised her female identity aged 3, and misgenders her throughout.

He wrote: “What kind of idiot would give credence to that sort of childish whim anywise?

“In point of fact, this kid did no such thing, but rather the two twisted women who managed to get him into their clutches decided that they wanted to corrupt and harm him, and have proceeded to brainwash him into obedience to their unnatural foolishness.

“What is being done to him is nothing less than severe child abuse that is going to mess him up physically, mentally, psychologically for the rest of his life.”

“There are two genders. They were made to complement each other.

“They were also made permanent – there is no such thing as a “man trapped in a woman’s body” and vice versa.

“Those who believe they are such need serious psychiatric help, instead of being assisted in their error.”

Dunkin has previously compared the gay rights movement to fascism.

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