US: HBO refuses to allow anti-gay pastor Scott Lively to debate John Oliver

Nick Duffy July 18, 2014
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TV network HBO has refused a challenge from anti-gay pastor Scott Lively to allow him to have an on-air debate with John Oliver on Last Week Tonight.

On the show last month, Oliver had condemned the US-based Lively, who gave an anti-gay seminar in Uganda just before its homophobic law was proposed, while interviewing Pepe Julian Onziema, Program Director and Advocacy Officer of Sexual Minorities Uganda.

However, Lively – who is running for Governor of Massachusetts as an independent – claimed his remarks were taken out of context, and challenged Oliver to debate him live on air.

According to MassLive, network HBO this week confirmed that Lively would not be invited to appear on the show.

Lively, who is on trial for crimes against humanity, said: “HBO is like a bully who has lots of bravado when he’s with his gang, but is too cowardly to actually climb into the boxing ring for a fair fight. I pity them for their lack of honor and integrity.”

“It must feel very degrading to know that you can only win an argument by cheating.”

Lively also cheered on anti-gay legislation in Russia, branding Putin an ‘unlikely hero’ for passing it, and has called for homosexuality to be reclassified as a mental illness.

Watch the clip below:

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