Video: Drag queen delivers speech destroying anti-gay protesters at Pride

Nick Duffy July 2, 2014
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A drag queen has delivered a speech rebutting a crowd of anti-gay protesters at a Pride parade.

Drag queen Mama Tits called out the protesters for defying the teachings of the Bible, while condemning others for doing the same.

She said: “If they follow all the teachings of this book that they use to hate, they themselves are sinners.

“They are wearing cotton-poly blends, that is an abomination! Do you kill your daughters if they have sex out of wedlock?

“Do you sleep with your wife? If she happens to be at that time of the month, you’re not even allowed to share a bed with her! Should we stone you for that?

“Why don’t you read your own book and actually follow the teachings to the letter of god and learn to support and love?

“You need to drop the hate. You are a sad, sad excuse for a human being.

“Once you learn to drop the hate, you too can find happiness because we will welcome you with open arms if you learn to open your minds.  Not today Satan, not today!”

She told the Seattle Gay Scene: “It felt like I had the strength of all the people who had ever been hurt by these people standing right behind be me giving me power!

“After I heard him quoting Leviticus, I just spouted back all the other parts he was leaving out to show how much of a hypocrite he was.

“It is always interesting how religious whack jobs misinterpret everything in the Bible and bend it to their will to create hate.

“People take their lives because of hate like this, people get KILLED because of hate like this.

“I just want it all to stop! If the hate mongers would put down their signs and open their minds and repent for their judgements, maybe then they too could find joy and happiness and be part of the fun, instead of being part of the Hell.”

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