CNN host Richard Quest: My worst fears never materialised after coming out

Nick Duffy June 28, 2014
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CNN host Richard Quest has acknowledged his sexuality, his fears about being openly gay in public life “never materialised” into reality.

The British-born news anchor made headlines in 2008, after he was arrested in a compromising position in a public park.

A year later, he made a comeback, having agreed to undergo six months of drug counselling in return for an “adjournment in contemplation of dismissal” of charges.

He said on Thursday, on his show Quest Means Business: “If I remember back to when I wasn’t open about my sexuality, I spent a great deal of time worried about it, about what my family would think, what would my friends, my colleagues would think, and of course, what would you think.

“Would the fact that I’m gay affect my creditability as a business journalist? Would you watch the program differently?

“Thinking like this saps energy, it drains confidence, it takes a toll on productivity, it’s exhausting!

“I realize that everyone has their own road to travel in making this decision about when it’s right to come out.

“I know that in my case, the worst fears never materialized. All in all professionally, I know the work I do here every day is better because I’m honest about who I am.”

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