23 April 2014

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Gay kiss photographic exhibition cancelled after Vatican threat will be shown in NYC

New York: Suspects arrested for attacking gay man, leaving him with ripped eye socket

US university student claims he was kicked out of fraternity for being gay

US: Republicans attempt to oust Democratic Governor who allowed gay joint tax returns

Poll: Majority of UKIP and Tory voters support equal marriage

‘Too gay to function’? Mean Girls actor comes out in letter to character ten years after film release

Secular Society: Scotland has left the door open for registrars to discriminate against gay couples

Advertising boss: It is a shame some advertisers are still ‘petrified’ of depicting diversity

Archbishop of Wales: ‘Jesus had nothing to say about same-sex relationships’

Peter Tatchell: ‘It is wrong for David Cameron to single out Christians for special praise’

Gay Guardian readers blast camp comics Alan Carr, John Inman and Larry Grayson

Iggy Azalea: Anti-gay attitudes come from ignorance and homophobes not being around gays enough

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