20 December 2013

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BT gives parents tool to block kids from learning about sexual health and gay rights

Kaleidoscope Trust: Uganda’s passing of anti-gay law represents a terrible fortnight for LGBT rights

X Factor finalist Sam Callahan: Nobody should be discriminated against for who they are

Tennis legend Billie Jean King to gay Russians: ‘You are not alone’

Peter Tatchell: Uganda’s Anti-Homosexuality Bill breaks country’s own Constitution

Netherlands bans forced sterilisation to change gender identity on official documents

Activists urge Ugandan President not to sign Anti-Homosexuality Bill into law

Nigel Evans: ‘Ugandan MPs who voted for anti-gay bill are a complete disgrace’

Diane Abbott: Uganda’s anti-gay bill is ‘dreadful news’ especially just after Nelson Mandela’s death

US: Louisiana Governor defends reality TV personality who compared homosexuality to bestiality

Ugandan Parliament passes bill that could mean gays face life in prison

India’s Law Minister: Government is attempting to reverse ruling that reinstated gay sex ban

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