You could win big in November by playing online bingo

Advertising Sponsor November 21, 2013
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You can win a slice of the £125,000 worth of action in November playing online bingo at Wink Bingo

Of course bingo is about more than just the money, it’s an age-old English tradition that has enjoyed a resurgence in recent years with young people heading down the Bingo hall to challenge the stereotype of a roomful of grannies struggling to their feet to shout: “House!”

Now the online revolution has brought online bingo into people’s homes and more than 100 million people play bingo online regularly. The reasons aren’t all obvious.

1. Convenience
Not everyone has the time to go and spend hours at the Bingo Hall. With the online option it’s easy to log on and play a single game, or settle in for a serious all-night session. Got 30 minutes before the kids come home? You have plenty of time for a cheeky game. You might even win enough to get a takeaway in for dinner, or a new car to go and collect it.

2. Money
A night down the halls can be expensive, especially when you factor in the cost of a few drinks. Online bingo is the cheap alternative. There are progressive jackpot games, so you can play with a small stake. In fact there are even free games available online and some of them come with prizes. For as little as a few pence you can, potentially, win big money in some of the online bingo games you’ll find out there.

Most reputable online bingo games come with stunning online jackpots and promotions, too, as well as introductory offers. So unlike the bricks-and-mortar bingo halls, where you pay your money, you takes your chance and then you go home, you’ll generally get a good few bonus games for your money and a £5 investment can bring you more than £30 of game time.

Let’s face it, with a potentially unlimited number of players and low overheads thanks to the online nature of the business, online companies can afford to offer you way more bang for your buck when it comes to gaming time.

3. Friendship
It might seem like online bingo is a solitary pursuit and even a little sad, but nothing could be further from the truth. Most gaming companies have realised that the human interaction is all part of the experience and manage chat rooms and forums to help bring like-minded bingo lovers together.

Many players buy a ticket and let the software check the numbers while they talk amongst themselves, and there’s none of that having to check what number was just called – the computer does it for you.

4. Guilty pleasure
While Bingo’s image has come on in leaps and bounds, there are still some people who might be a touch embarrassed to admit their love for the game in a room of their peers. So instead of having to explain what you were doing heading into the local hall and pretending you were escorting an elderly relative, you can now indulge your guilty pleasure from the comfort of your own home.

5. Adrenaline
Bingo is a game of chance: pure and simple. Players never know if they’re about to win big, then, and the endorphin rush when their card comes good is well documented. As with any form of gambling there are highs and lows, but bingo lovers know that it’s worth the near misses and the ones that got away for that special feeling when your numbers come up. Online bingo giants have worked hard to make the bells and whistles recreate the feeling of a Las Vegas casino when the player wins, too, rather than an ageing Bolton bingo hall.

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