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The winners of the inaugural PinkNews Awards in the House of Commons

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  1. Rosa Smith 24 Oct 2013, 9:01am

    Baroness Stowell? Who defended the spousal veto and showed no interest in listening to trans people about their concerns? Who has done active and demonstrable harm to one of the most marginalised sections of the LGBT population? Another example of how the mainstream gay rights movement has zero interest in trans rights.

  2. Natacha Kennedy 24 Oct 2013, 9:15am

    This is outrageous! Baroness Stowell was responsible for maintaining the Spousal Veto within the equal marriage bill which will severely harm lots of trans people. It means that any spouse can indefinitely prevent their partner from legally transitioning to their new gender. A compromise proposal, limiting the spousal veto to 12 months was thrown out in the House of Lords, apparently by Baroness Stowell. This means that anyone in a marriage who needs to transition will be at a severe disadvantage. Effectively Stowell has handed the partners of trans people whose marriages break up a huge weapon which will mean trans men and trans women in marriages being forced to accept worse terms of divorce, significantly impoverishing them or being stuck in a legal limbo, denied the protection of antidiscrimination law.

    Why has Pinknews given an award to this person when she has actively harmed trans people? Obviously trans people do not matter.

    1. To be fair to her, she has probably done more to advance LGBT equality than the Amazon Kindle has.

      I think we should also bear in mind that Stowell, Cooper, Miller, Grant et al spoke in these debates in an official capacity on behalf of the government/opposition. They didn’t necessarily personally agree with everything they were saying, and they played prominent roles because the bill fell within their portfolio rather than because they felt strongly about it.

  3. Pink Pounder 24 Oct 2013, 9:43am

    what have “trans” people got to do with gays anyway?

  4. Natacha Kennedy 24 Oct 2013, 2:36pm

    @james if that is the case, do they really deserve an award at all? The fact is that Stowell had a good compromise motion written for her by Sarah Brown and Zoe Imogen which could have easily resolved the situation, yet it was turned down by the Tories.

    Having this provision in the legislation effectively still devalues same-sex marriage in relation to mixed-sex marriage because it was put there to prevent someone in a mixed-sex marriage suddenly finding themselves in a same-sex one. That is why a compromise of a 12-month period was sensible, because it allows them time to arrange a divorce if necessary without being so long that it can be used as an unfair bargaining tool

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