27 September 2013

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UK: Bisexual man to jump out of plane naked for charity


Modern Family producer: Same-sex proposal ‘was not about making a political statement’

Russian politician: ‘Stephen Fry is a bringer of evil’ and gays are not welcome in Russia

Gambian President: ‘Homosexuality more deadly than all natural disasters put together’

London Assembly Member Tom Copley: Tesco Gay Best Friend inflatable doll ‘reinforces stereotypes’

Amnesty: The Olympic Committee is in denial about Russia’s anti-gay laws

US radio host: One federal appeals court judge constitutes an ‘over-representation’ of gay people

Amazon and Ebay continue to sell ‘offensive’ Gay Best Friend inflatable doll

Daniel Radcliffe: People might be slightly startled by gay sex scenes in Kill Your Darlings

Tesco ‘very sorry’ for displaying ‘offensive G*y Best Friend’ inflatable doll on website

Stonewall: Tesco’s inflatable gay doll ‘is like trying to sell ice to Eskimos’

Tesco sells inflatable ‘Gay Best Friend’ doll

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