4 September 2013

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US: Anti-gay evangelist Scott Lively continues to praise Vladimir Putin as an ‘unlikely hero’

US: Ex-gay therapy newsletter claims it can end homophobic bullying by ‘curing’ gay people

US: Judge rules deceased gay man’s death certificate can list him as married despite equal marriage ban

Canada: Gay prison guard gets $98,000 for ten year homophobic discrimination case

William Hague: ‘Britain must stick to its values and not retreat on issues like gay rights in Russia’

Video: US radio host says ‘the Nazi Party started in a gay bar in Munich’

US: Pennsylvania court to hear arguments in case against clerk who issued same-sex marriage licences

Russia: Gay rights activist Nikolai Alekseyev seeks urgent meeting with Vladimir Putin

US: Survey reveals that 68% of Ohio voters support discrimination protections for gay employees

Texas and Mississippi National Guard refuse to process gay couples’ benefits despite Pentagon directive

US Priest: Christians should no longer ‘go gaily into the dark’ — the word gay has been ‘too distorted’

US county clerk: I’m ‘on the right side of history’ by defying state ban on equal marriage

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