2 September 2013

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London: Demonstration against Russian anti-gay laws to take place on Tuesday

The Sun picture caption brands deceased aide of David Hockney a ‘bender’

Watch the Australian PM destroy a pastor’s arguments against same-sex marriage

Subtitle error goes viral: ‘Gaelic football’ transcribed as ‘gay football’ in Dublin and Kerry match

South Africa plans to introduce hate crime legislation to protect LGBT people

Russia: First person to be convicted under anti-gay ‘propaganda’ law arrested by his own parents

Flora ad slammed for comparing coming out as gay to being shot through the heart

Russian LGBT Network: Anti-gay laws have increased homophobic violence in Russia

US: Mary Cheney slams her sister’s opposition to same-sex marriage

New Chief Rabbi Ephraim Mirvis vows to maintain ‘orthodox’ stance against same-sex marriages

Shadow Immigration Minister Chris Bryant blasted for saying gay asylum cases ‘will always be messy’

Interview: S Chelvan – on protecting the rights of LGBT asylum seekers

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