September 2013

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Olympic flame lit ahead of Sochi Winter Games amid repeated calls for tolerance

Survey: Average age to enter a civil partnership in Ireland is 44

Labour MSP Elaine Smith: Why not legalise polygamy? if gays are allowed to marry

George Osborne: Equal marriage is an example of a ‘modern reformed Conservative Party’

John Paul II who described same-sex marriage as ‘evil’ to become saint in April 2014

Scottish Archbishop: Catholics may need ‘two weddings’ as a result of equal marriage plans

New Olympic President has heard ‘assurances of the highest Russian authorities’ on gay issues at Sochi

David Cameron denies policy regret claims over equal marriage

Trans journalist says she was ‘completely dehumanised’ by Xbox One presenter at gaming convention

Football fans ejected after anti-gay chants in Brighton V Ipswich match

Derek Jacobi: ‘I had no idea I was breaking Ian McKellen’s heart’


Anti-gay group brands TV series ‘dangerous’ for featuring gay couples’ engagement

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