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Satanists hold ritual to turn homophobic church founder’s mother gay ‘in the afterlife’

Joseph McCormick July 18, 2013
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A Satanist group, the Satanic Temple, has held a ‘Pink Mass’ at the grave of Westboro Baptist Church leader Fred Phelps’ mother, and have claimed that she “is now gay, in the afterlife”.

The Satanic Temple posted photographs online of the reading of an incarnation, and same-sex couples “expressing their love”, by kissing over the grave of Fred Phelps Jr’s mother Catherine Johnston.

On the website, owned by the Satanic Temple and not affiliated with the church of the same name, are images of the ceremony, and a description of proceedings.

It reads: “Catherine Idalette Johnston, wife of Fred W Phelps, Sr, Mother to Westboro Baptist Church founder Fred Phelps, Jr, was honored in a ceremonial ‘Pink Mass’, performed by The Satanic Temple, at her gravesite. The Pink Mass is a Satanic ritual performed at the grave site of a deceased person, which changes the sexual orientation of that person in the afterlife.”

It continues: “Same-sexed couples expressed their love at the gravesite of Fred Phelps, Jr.’s mother before a high priest of the Satanic Temple, who recited an incantation.

“Upon completion of the Pink Mass ceremony, Catherine Johnston is now gay in the afterlife.”

The adamantly homophobic church is known for its anti-gay rhetoric, and often attempts to picket funerals or events of people who it sees to be pro-gay, or accepting of gay, lesbian or bisexual people.

Last month the church took umbrage at a pink lemonade stand run by a 5-year-old in the name of an anti-bullying campaign, and told her she would “burn in hell”.

The church previously tweeted PinkNews to say that God sent the killers in the suspected terror killing in Woolwich, London, because the equal marriage bill passed its third reading in the House of Commons.

It previously thanked God for a lethal tornado that ripped through Moore, Oklahoma, leaving at least 24 people dead, saying it’s because of gay basketball player Jason Collins.

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