Former Talksport presenter furious after being branded a ‘homophobic radio z-lister’

June 13, 2013
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Former Talksport broadcaster Mike Mendoza has launched a furious rebuke on his Facebook page after he was confronted at a market by a man accusing him of being homophobic.

The altercation happened in the West Sussex town of Shoreham on Saturday.

A spokeswoman from Sussex Police said officers are investigating the market incident.

Writing on his Facebook page, Mr Mendoza, Tory chairman of Adur District Council, said:

“I don’t really want to spend too much time on this but I seem to have a bitter and twisted man who has decided to have a vendetta against me and lie about me. I am a big boy and can handle that, BUT I really do get peed off when you have to deal with a total ignorant person who will not listen to reason. This idiot ‘faced me up’ in Shoreham last Saturday, which I was pleased about as I had never met him before and I knew he had been writing really stupid things about me and he seems to enjoy using some amazingly foul and abusive language.

He claims to be well read and educated, but acts and sounds like a thug. He even accused me of punching him in the back on Saturday! I am 22 stone; if I had punched him in any way shape or form… he would have felt it and certainly fallen over!! Initially I asked him nicely and calmly why he is writing these things about me when we have never met? His answer.. “you are a Tory, I will write what I F*****g well like and you will never be able to stop me” I notice he has put a load in his so called foul blog [saying] that I am homophobic.”

He continued:

“This idiot also called me a z lister radio presenter! At least I work for a living, when I presented my show on TalkSport, I was number one in the whole of the UK at night on Commercial Radio with an audience of one million… I don’t think of myself as an A B C D or Z Lister of anything, I do a job that I love and that’s it, others like to build me up, personally the so called ‘star’ bit does not rest easy on my head. I admit I was accused of being homophobic and given NO RIGHT of reply. Out of one million listeners ONE person complained and OFCOM took up the complaint. A group of guys at Legends in Brighton (Gay Club) got together to protect me and confirm that in no way am I or have I ever been Homophobic!!”

Along with the post Mr Mendoza published a picture of himself standing behind a man who is wearing nothing but a g-string.

In 2007, Mr Mendoza was suspended from his job on Talksport for a week after comparing gay people to paedophiles.

Complaining that footballers had “jumped on the bandwagon” in the search for missing child Madeleine McCann, he said:

“Paedophiles in general are the type of people that surely would not follow football. Not many gay people to the best of my knowledge are great football fans.”


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