4 June 2013

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Faeces and threats sent to French mayor who officiated first same-sex wedding

House of Lords equal marriage debate resumes ahead of vote

Peers who spoke on first day of equal marriage debate almost equally divided

Bradley Manning trial opens with accusations of ‘systematically harvesting’ Wikileaks documents

US: High School ‘cutest couple’ finds internet fame and inspire other teens to come out

Earl of Arran: Equal marriage could lead to a ‘decadent’ Britain that ‘flaunts’ homosexuality

Former British Army Head Lord Dannatt: The equal marriage bill goes against what I fought 40 years for

Lord Hylton: Gay people have stolen the word ‘gay’ and it no longer has a ‘delightful meaning’

Rally for equal marriage to continue outside the House of Lords ahead of second reading vote

Lib Dem peer Baroness Barker comes out during equal marriage debate

Tory MP and wife accused of groping lesbian housekeeper in threesome attempt

Lord Tebbit: ‘Homosexual men are already equal, subject to the laws on incest and bigamy’

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