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17-year-old PinkNews reader to Tory MP David Burrowes: ‘I think you are very anti-gay’

Joseph McCormick May 15, 2013
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A lesbian A-level student has written to Tory MP David Burrowes, questioning his recent assertion that he is not “anti-gay”, and asking how it is possible to be “pro-marriage”, whilst voting to prevent people from being able to marry.

Victoria Munro, 17, from Southern England, has written to the north London, Enfield-Southgate MP David Burrows, in response to comments he made, when he said he was “pro-marriage and not anti-gay” and that the majority of his constituents agree with him in opposing the same-sex marriage bill.

Ms Munro questions Mr Burrowes’ voting record on LGBT issues, and asserts that it suggests that he is anti-gay, and questions how he can say he is “pro-marriage”, whilst excluding a sector of society from the institution.

Dear David

I recently read this article on PinkNews’ website.

I just wanted to explain a few things to you. Having looked at your voting record since you entered parliament in 2005 I would conclude that you are very anti gay, having voted/or not voted: 

  • against outlawing discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation in 2007
  • to prevent lesbians from having access to fertility treatment in 2008
  • against outlawing incitement to homophobic hatred in 2009
  • doesn’t appear to have voted on the Equality Act (which consolidated and extended the various bits of legislation on discrimination) in 2010
  • against same-sex marriage in 2013
  • So you don’t want LGBT people to be able to get married or have children and you think discrimination against them is fine but you are still somewhat not ‘anti-gay’?

    I am 17 and I identify as lesbian. I am one of the future generation. I believe everyone should be allowed to marry if they desire to, including the LGBT community. How is their love any less deserving or real than straight people’s? The only thing that undermines marriage is divorce, something straight people seem to be very good at.

    I would be extremely happy if you could explain to me how you believe you are not anti-gay.

    Another thing: don’t ever say you are not anti-gay just pro-marriage without really thinking about it. Pro-marriage means you believe in marriage and want as many people as possible to participate in it; so how is excluding a whole group of people from the marital institution pro-marriage?

    I hope you take my points and views into account, as I may be just a 17-year-old-girl but I am someone and my opinion is valid, even if I am a ‘second-class, non-superior, gay person’.

    Thank You


    Kind Regards

    Victoria Munro

    A-Level student from Southern England

Appearing on BBC 2’s Daily Politics on Tuesday, David Burrowes justified called for a referendum on same-sex marriage and said he would use it to defeat the Marriage (Same Sex Couples) Bill.

Earlier this week, Mr Burrowes warned that the bill resembles the shark in the 1970s thriller movie, Jaws.

The House of Commons will debate the bill as part of its third reading from Monday of next week.

PinkNews will publish a reply should Mr Burrowes choose to send one.

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