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University professor: Allowing gay Boy Scouts will put them ‘up for grabs’ by ‘sexual predators’ and communists

Joseph McCormick May 10, 2013
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A professor at a private Christian university in the US has said that allowing gay volunteers, members and staff in the Boy Scouts of America (BSA) would lead to communism, and will “literally” put the scouts “up for grabs” to “sexual predators”.

The Boy Scouts of America recently announced it would propose to members of its National Council at a meeting in Texas later this month, lifting the ban on gay youth scouts, but maintaining a ban on gay adult leaders.

Liberty University in Lynchburg, Virginia, was founded by the late televangelist Jerry Falwell, and whose son now runs it. He has reportedly blamed gay people for the September 11 attacks, and attacked Teletubbies for “modelling the gay life style.”

Speaking on TruNews to host Rick Wiles, Professor Judith Reisman made the claims, saying there had been an “active campaign” since Dr Alfred Kinsey was an Eagle Scout, and that it would lead to the BSA becoming a “slave population”, reports RightWingWatch.

“It’s very serious and of course the Boy Scouts are up for grabs at this point in time, and I mean that in many ways,” she said.

“That’s been an active campaign, as everybody knows, ever since forever. By the way it’s really interesting Dr. Kinsey himself was an Eagle Scout and he had groups of younger boys in his tent that he did reports on and he was the guy who wrote to the Boy Scouts to insist that their prohibition against masturbatory activity was just foolish, it was not grounded in anything at all sensible and we ought to get rid of it in their manual. And they did, thanked him and got rid of it in their manual. Of course that’s always been one means, one very important way for men to seduce boys, is to get them into that situation and to move in on them so to speak.”

Wiles asked if Resiman’s research had found a “correlation between the sex-education movement and pornography to sexual deviancy and communism, Marxism.”

She replied: “Yeah, certainly there is because when you have an enslaved population which sexual addiction and sexual pornography creates, a slave population, when you have a slave population, when you have people whose focus is by no means on anything upper air, they’ve given up their religion, you can’t have two masters, they are controlled by their sexual lust, when you have that kind of population, that kind of population will do anything to fulfill their lusts, their interests and they have no compunction about forcing other people to adhere to that.

“Part of that is the drive for homosexual, bisexual, bisexualization of the children, we see it reflected in child pornography and we see it reflected in what has become a whole industry of child sex trafficking, if that isn’t slavery I don’t know what is”, she continued.

“If tyranny allows them to do what they want to do sexually then they will buy into the tyranny, no problem at all.”

Liberty University deans Matt Barber, and Matt Staver, also the Vice president of the university, previously discussed the decision of the Boy Scouts of America to delay its vote on whether to allow gay members, volunteers and staff, saying that it could not remain “morally straight” if it allowed gay members, volunteers and staff.

Staver has previously defended the criminalization of homosexuality in Malawi, promoted “gay cure” therapy, and warned that President Obama supports “forced homosexuality.”

Barber also previously said that the reason that the Boy Scouts of America may make moves towards dropping its ban on gay scouts, volunteers and staff is “spiritual pressure” from Satan.

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