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US Radio host: ‘LGBT supporters are misleading millions and homosexuality hurts all of society’

Joseph McCormick April 23, 2013
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US Radio Host Linda Harvey has again used her radio programme to express her anti-gay stance, saying that “homosexual behaviour hurts all of society”, and encouraging listeners to “challenge the acceptance of homosexual behaviour”.

Harvey, of the anti-gay Mission America, made the claims during her daily bulletin, and suggested that people could change from being gay with God’s help, drawing a comparison between gay people and those who wish to “repent” after having an abortion.

She claimed that supporters of LGBT rights are “misleading millions of people”, through advocating for equal rights, and by saying they were “born this way”, reports RightWingWatch.

She concluded by saying that people “believe many tales in this life that turn out to not be true.”

“We need to speak up and challenge the acceptance of homosexual behavior. We need to have courage to risk from disapproval because the stakes are very high. Persuasive celebrities and politicians like our President are misleading millions of people,” she said.

“On this issue if you are not firmly grounded in the word of God you will be swayed by the narratives, the people who insist they were born this way, who really believe they cannot live any other kind of life and that it hurts no one. Yet the evidence is overwhelming that none of that turns out to be true. Homosexual behavior hurts the person involved and it defies God’s will. And it hurts all of society.

She concluded: “Of course, our merciful God forgives any person who has a desire to change homosexuality or repent after an abortion so no one should ever feel hopeless. God does not give up on us so why should we? No, we let ourselves believe many tales in this life that turn out to not be true.”

She has also said that churches should be more proactive in opposing equal marriage, in the same way they fought to abolish slavery.

Harvey previously attacked the US Day of Silence, which stands up against homophobic and transphobic bullying, to say that it is “an abomination”.

She also recently attacked the Girl Scouts of the USA, claiming that it “supports homosexual lifestyles”, and because it “features homosexuals in some of their materials”.

She previously praised countries which refuse to decriminalise homosexuality and said that the “radical” effort of the White House to achieve equal human rights was a “humanitarian disgrace”.

The Christian radio host in December said that same-sex marriage encourages children to have gay sex and that gay people aren’t human and should therefore not be protected under the US constitution. She also claimed that Jesus could be forced to marry another man if he was resurrected.

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