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US: Linda Harvey attacks anti-bullying Day of Silence and calls it ‘an abomination’

Joseph McCormick April 4, 2013
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US Radio Host Linda Harvey, has attacked the US Day of Silence, which stands up against homophobic and transphobic bullying, to say that it is “an abomination”, reports Right Wing Watch.

The radio host took umbrage at the youth-run day of protest across the US, which protests against bullying, and went on to suggest that parents should “keep kids home that day if the Day of Silence is going to be a big deal in that school.”

During her radio bulletin she said:  “On April 19 or thereabouts, homosexual activists and their allies will once again stage a silent day of protest in schools against high moral standards. This is what GLSEN’s Day of Silence is all about. GLSEN is the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network and they are in charge of this pro-homosexual day even though it was supposedly led by students.

“Mission America is asking you as a Christian family, if you have children or grandchildren in the public schools to keep kids home that day if the Day of Silence is going to be a big deal in that school. The national day is scheduled for Friday, April 19, although it can vary from school to school. For those of us who truly have a Christian worldview, we do not accept the terms, definitions and claims of the advocates of homosexuality, like the claim that standing up against homosexuality and calling it a sin is hateful and is similar to bully. No, it’s not.”

She went on to further defend the idea that according to Christian teachings, homosexuality is wrong, and that by “standing up against” it, Christians don’t bully gay youths, but help them by “giving guidance”.

She said: “We say that God teaches us that homosexual behavior is an abomination and this information is good news and can be a life saver. No one needs to be involved in this behavior and God can rescue anyone; our God is fully able to do that. Day of Silence supporters have accepted the premise that morality leading to man-woman marriage causes people to bully other people; we say that bullies cause bullying and that high standards don’t result in bullying but actually help the situation by giving kids the guidance they desperately need.

“These insults are tactics of intimidation to get people to remain silent about this. We will not silent but it’s good to speak out on a day other than the so-called Day of Silence.

“Why avoid the Day of Silence? If students are going to be permitted to honor these harmful and inaccurate claims by being allowed to be silent when called on in class and if these smears against Christians and this attempt to hide the truth from young people are going to be allowed to stand unchallenged then we will honor God by not implying by our presence that we agree.”

She concluded: “What causes real harm to kids? Being deprived of the chance to hear all the facts about homosexuality and gender confusion; being told there is only one acceptable viewpoint on this and any other objections are based in hate. Well we say exactly the opposite: that those who deny the truth are those who hate.”

Harvey recently attacked the Girl Scouts of the USA, claiming that it “supports homosexual lifestyles”, and because it “features homosexuals in some of their materials”.

She also said that churches should be more proactive in opposing equal marriage, in the same way they fought to abolish slavery.

She previously praised countries which refuse to decriminalise homosexuality and said that the “radical” effort of the White House to achieve equal human rights was a “humanitarian disgrace”.

The Christian radio host in December said that same-sex marriage encourages children to have gay sex and that gay people aren’t human and should therefore not be protected under the US constitution. She also claimed that Jesus could be forced to marry another man if he was resurrected.

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