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US radio host suggests that because Hillary Clinton supports gay rights, she is a lesbian

Joseph McCormick March 20, 2013
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The host of a US radio station has claimed that Hillary Clinton could be gay, and said that she was “shocked” that, at a UN conference, there were “tents on lesbian lovemaking”.

Sandy Rios of the American Family Association, spoke in response to Mrs Clinton’s decision to publicly support equal marriage, which she announced yesterday, that the US was stuck in a “vortex of homosexual advocacy”.

The former US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, officially announced her support for equal marriage in a moving speech this week in which she called moves towards equality “breathtaking and inspiring”.

She said there had “long been rumors about [Hillary Clinton’s] sexual persuasion”, coming from several sources, including Dick Morris, a political author who worked with the Clintons, reports Right Wing Watch.

Ms Rios said that Mrs Clinton’s support for gay rights goes back a long time, and that, during a UN convention in 1994, she found it “shocking” that there were “tents on lesbian lovemaking”, and said they were “making sure people defined … five genders”.

She said: “If you think that her support of lesbian and gay rights is something new, I’m sorry, she has repackaged herself so successfully but if you just do a little research on Hillary Clinton you know that her love of homosexuality goes back a very long way.

“I remember even when she was First Lady, that would be not the beginning of her support for this, but this would be one of the more notable things, on the UN Convention on the Rights of Women, she oversaw the whole thing, the Beijing conference. It was shocking.

“This was a shocking thing. I think it was in ’94 I remember interviewing women that I knew who came back from the conference and I have mentioned this on the air before but I have to mention it again, under Hillary’s leadership there were even tents on lesbian lovemaking, they were making sure that people defined gender there were five genders, not just two genders.”

She went on to claim that there had been long standing rumours about the former Secretary of State’s sexual orientation.

She said: “Hillary Clinton, there have long been rumors about her sexual persuasion; if you don’t know that you need to know that. I can’t confirm or deny anything; I just remember that Dick Morris was the first one to raise this publicly. He worked with Bill and Hillary Clinton for a number of years and he said on public television, I was shocked because I knew about the rumors, he actually alleged that Hillary was a — he was trying to make excuses for Bill Clinton when he was caught with Monica Lewinsky — and he basically said, I believe it was on Fox many years ago when that broke, basically hinted that Hillary was a lesbian.

“All I can tell you there are rumors abound and I guess since it doesn’t matter anymore then it doesn’t matter anymore, does it? So if you think this is like a seismic shift for Hillary Clinton I can guarantee you this is not a seismic shift. She has always, as far as I know back to college, endorsed and embraced all things lesbian and gay, that is her history on this so that shouldn’t be too shocking.”

Rios concluded by saying that Hillary had been playing a “role” by being married to Bill Clinton. She said: “She has played the role of wife and cookie-making mother, I’m sorry but this is just the reality of things. We are being caught in this vortex of homosexual advocacy, it’s just amazing.”

Back in February, Ms Rios blamed LGBT inclusive education programs in the US public education system on a decline in grade averages.

Earlier in February Ms Rios, on the announcement that the Boy Scouts of America would delay its vote on gay members, suggested that gay men would only want to be Scout Leaders in order to “be around boys”, and suggested a link between paedophilia and homosexuality, saying “gay men love youth”. 

She also hosted anti-gay evangelist, Scott Lively, who said that he though gay rights were bringing the “wrath” of God, which is a sign that the world is nearing the “End Days”, just like before Noah’s flood.

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