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US Columnist: Obama is waging war on Catholicism with equal marriage ‘Trojan Horse’

Joseph McCormick March 18, 2013
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Referring to the election of the new Pope Francis, a columnist from the US has accused President Obama of being “an enemy of the church”, and that equal marriage is a “Trojan horse aimed at smashing the family”.

Washington Times columnist Jeffrey Kuhner, used the election of Pope Francis in his column to attack Obama on the issues of equal marriage and adoption, and the repeal of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell.

He wrote: “Pope Francis is the opposite of a modern American liberal. In fact, he probably finds much of the Democrats’ agenda repulsive. President Obama is waging a war on Christians and on Catholics in particular.

“Mr Obama supports homosexual ‘marriage.’ He has allowed homosexuals to openly serve in the military. His pro-homosexual, pro-abortion and pro-contraception policies violate basic Catholic doctrine. He is an enemy of the church.”

He continued by writing that Pope Francis “bravely criticises homosexual behaviour”, and that he protects the family from the “onslaught” of equal marriage.

He said: “Contrary to liberal spin, Pope Francis is an orthodox Catholic… He opposes the secular West’s culture of death. He is a moral traditionalist and cultural conservative. He denounces the mass murder of unborn children. He bravely criticizes homosexual behavior, decrying sodomy as unnatural and immoral. He eloquently defends the sanctity of the family from the onslaught of homosexual ‘marriage’ and homosexual adoption.”

Mr Kuhner goes on to say that equal marriage is a “Trojan Horse”, and accuses Obama of attempting to destroy “the family”, and of “demonizing” the new pope.

He said: “Unlike shallow secularists, Pope Francis grasps that civilization depends upon one seminal institution: the sacred marital union between a man and a woman. The purpose of marriage is not cohabitation or affirming some romantic commitment. Rather, it is procreation — having, raising and socializing children.

“The family is the basic unit that perpetuates one generation to the next. Destroy it, and social collapse is inevitable. Homosexual “marriage” is a Trojan horse aimed at smashing the family — an invention by cultural Marxists to undermine Christianity’s ancient foundations.”

The new pope, Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio, the 76-year-old Argentinean, who will be known as Pope Francis, has in the past described same-sex marriage and gay couples adopting as a “destructive attack on God’s plan.”

The new pope has also said that same-sex adoption adoption is a form of discrimination and abuse against children.

Last week, Ministers in Denmark dubbed the newly elected Pope Francis “harmful”, expressing disappointment that the Vatican did not choose someone more progressive on LGBT and women’s rights, but remain hopeful that he may prove them wrong.



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