US Columnist: ‘Bowing to calls for equality is like letting a disabled child play with matches’

Joseph McCormick February 8, 2013
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A columnist for a US conservative news site has written that bowing to pressure from a “militant homosexual lobby” on LGBT rights was like “capitulating to a developmentally disabled child who wants to play with matches”.

Writing for WorldNetDaily, columnist Erik Rush defended the rights of organisations such as the Boy Scouts of America to discriminate “all they like”, in response to calls for the BSA to allow gay scouts, volunteers and staff.

On Wednesday, the BSA delayed a vote on whether or not to lift a ban on gay scouts, volunteers and staff, until May “due to the complexity of the issue”.

In his column, Rush describes homosexuality as a “choice”, representing a “clear and present danger” to society. He goes on to call equal marriage a “farcical instrument of societal destruction”, consisting of “monogamous homosexual couples playing house”.

He says: “Private organizations that ostensibly have the right to discriminate all they like have been placed under tremendous pressure in recent years by a militant homosexual lobby that wishes to normalize the popular perception of homosexual behavior.

“I am convinced that many of its ‘true believers’ aren’t even aware they are merely pawns of the radical left, but given the latter’s tenacious modus operandi, otherwise intelligent, conscientious people have nonetheless subscribed to the prevailing propaganda proffered by an agenda-driven press and the homosexual lobby.”

He also compares equal marriage to black members of the Ku Klux Klan, and “male sorority sisters”, saying it doesn’t exist.

“Then, there’s the ongoing discussion and legislation relative to homosexual ‘marriage.’ Like black Klansmen and male sorority sisters, ‘gay marriage’ simply doesn’t exist. Oh, we have monogamous homosexual couples playing house, and certain states issuing marriage licenses to them, but there’s no marriage there. This is because marriage is not a civil union; it’s an ordained one.

“I continue to find this amusing, despite the clear and present danger it represents to our culture. Here we have the opponents of this farcical instrument of societal destruction actually engaging in the debate over whether or not to ‘allow’ something that simply doesn’t exist.”

Assuming that the BSA will bow to calls for equality, and to allow gay scout masters and scouts, he claims that only 1% of the US population is gay, and that the media and television exaggerate the numbers.

“In the case of the Boy Scouts of America, they have simply bought into – or very nearly bought into – the aforementioned pro-homosexual propaganda. Here, we have the fact that homosexuals do not account for the percentages that activists tout; in reality, 1 to 3 percent of the overall population is probably fairly accurate. The entertainment media and the press would have us believe that it is closer to 10 percent, and if you watch television, you’re likely to surmise that every third person you set eyes on is homosexual,” he writes.

“There’s much more, of course: The widespread myth that homosexuality is normal rather than aberrant, that it is hard-wired into individuals rather than being a persuasion or choice, that it is not harmful to society, and that it is not harmful to children. One particularly dangerous fallacy advanced by homosexual activists is that pedophiles (such as those who have been charged with molesting Boy Scouts over the years) are not homosexuals.

“These submissions against better judgment are analogous to capitulating to a developmentally disabled child who wants to play with matches simply because they have been persistent in their requests to do so. Obviously, the child does not know better; as the developmentally sound individual present, it is that person’s responsibility to refuse his or her requests, not defer to them.

He concludes by claiming that allowing equal rights for LGBT people will threaten the “very survival” of America.

Earlier this week, columnist Barry Farber wrote for the same website that the Boy Scouts of America lifting its ban on gay members, volunteers and staff would make it a “beehive of erotic exploration”, and compared efforts to urge the Boy Scouts to drop its anti-gay policy to the Nazi German invasion of Norway.

A US Christian radio host previously suggested that gay men would only want to be Scout Leaders in order to “be around boys”, and suggested a link between paedophilia and homosexuality, saying “gay men love youth”.

The head of a Christian legal firm in the US said that the reason that the Boy Scouts of America may make moves towards dropping its ban on gay scouts was “spiritual pressure” from Satan.

Last week one US radio host said the scouts should “shut down” rather than allow gays in, and that these are signs of the “end times”, and another said that allowing gay scout masters would allow “gay activists” to “spread deviant sexuality”.

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