Footballer baffled by reaction of Twitter ‘fruits’ to gay comments

Stephen Gray May 10, 2012
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A footballer in Northern Ireland has received waves of criticism for a series of tweets in which he suggested gays ‘anal a girl’, adding that he would walk away from gay critics without ‘turning his back’ on them.

London-born Leon Knight, 29, who plays for Glentoran in Belfast, had last night reacted to the news that US President Barack Obama personally supported marriage rights for gay couples with the acronym ‘KMT’, or ‘Kiss my teeth’, an expression of disapproval.

He continued to his 19,000 followers: “Each to their own but I don’t know how a man can be gay …. When there is so much pum pum out there !! Why not just anal a girl !!”

Knight has played for Chelsea, Queens Park Rangers, Huddersfield Town, Sheffield Wednesday and Brighton & Hove Albion before moving to Ireland.

In February, the BBC reported he was the first Irish League player to be handed a suspension over comments made on the micro-blogging site. The nature of the comments were not known.

The tweets continued last night: “Correct me if I’m mistaken …. But does the bible say it’s a sin for a man to chop another man ?? #justasking Bible also says interracial is a sin …. Motherf***** I’m going to hell !!! No long ting.”

“Christianity is a myth Some Catholics priests are on some fruity flex Islam scares me I might just be a pimp lol”

Responding to another user who had the hashtag #teamgay in his Twitter profile, Knight wrote: “this guy really got team gay up on he’s bio or am I seeing things Is it out in the open like this #teamstraight” before posting a screen shot of the gay user’s page.

He added: “The fruits are coming at me lmfao I ain’t turning me back on you lot I’ll slowly walk backwards lmao I don’t want no trouble with u lot. I don’t know much about the gay stuff cos mans a straight pussy beater ….”

With criticism coming in as users called him a “f***ing moron” and others urging the club to “get shot” of him, Knight went on: “Shut up u lot call the police Cos I say what I want If man are screaming yolo and team gay I’m screaming #teamstraight.

“Wow u lot ain’t this touchy on racist comments but are going wild cos I said gay marriage is just beyond me Sums up our world.

An apology from Knight only provoked further anger: “Wow my timeline has gone crazy …. Gay people I’m sorry !!! Public apology sorry I don’t want no beef with u lot ” walks away backwards “.”

“Twitter is here to be out spoken and speak your mind I’m saying the whole gay thing i don’t agree with …. What’s the problem. Some people don’t like blacks or whites or Asians … That’s fair enough I don’t get why u lot are getting all touchy. I had a little joke with the whole gay thing but don’t take it offensive … Obama has signalled the green light so u lot are good to go.”

One user wrote to the striker: “Everyone hates you now Knighty”.

He replied: “i know lmao. I just wasn’t raised like that so my views are different from most of yours I won’t comment on it again cos this is obviously abit touchy.”

Another told him: “you’re an embarrassment to [Glentoran FC], nobody wants you here plus you’re a useless fat wee shit, waste of a shirt, waste of money.”

Knight replied: “fuck off I can’t say it any simpler”

The user responded: “people like me pay your wages, don’t forget that – biggest t*** to ever play for my club.”

Knight added: “Embarrassing the club why cos I got my own opinion that u dont agree with lmfao …. Shut up.”

He added this morning: “Coming like u can’t say anything anymore…. The only people I know that have freedom of speech are rappers Might jump in the booth lol”

The Belfast Newsletter said the Irish Football Association was expected to investigate the comments.

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