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Joseph McCormick January 25, 2012
bookmarking iconSAVE FOR LATER has been asking readers to leave their comments for Peter Tatchell to mark his 60th birthday today.

In response to readers’ messages, Peter Tatchell wrote: “Sincere thanks to everyone for their kind wishes.

“I am just one of the many people who’ve contributed to advances in LGBTI human rights. It is our cumulative, collective efforts that have made so many positive changes. Huge gratitude to everyone who has worked with me over the last 45 years of campaigning. I would not have achieved half of what I’ve done without their help.”

A selection of messages is published below:

“Well done, Peter! This man has done more for LGBT people than most activists and organisations combined. For those who criticise him, they should ask themselves, what have they done lately to advance equality or had the courage to speak out?”
Robert, South Kensington

“Mr Tatchell, I really admire your courage and determination in fighting for the rights of LGB&T people not only in the UK, but all over the world. It is time that people all over the world realise that it is a stain on all of mankind to continue with the persecution of LGB&T people.”
Joanne Manson

“What Tatchell has always done and what makes him so outstanding in my opinion is his unique ability to highlight the inequalities suffered by those who don’t fit into the boundaries of societies dominant hegemony to those who often remain blind to life outside of it.

“From my experience of meeting him I also know he has a great sense of humour”

“Dream what the world can be and make it happen. God bless Peter, a man who can do that. Dreaming is easy but the make it happen part is hard work and it is good to know there are people like him who have what it takes. We need more men and women like him to over come the hateful people in the Christian and Muslim religions today, they are the main source of money and programs aimed at destroying LGBT people and gay marriage.”

“He is an inspirational gentleman.”

“Congratulations, Peter Tatchell…”

“Well done Peter… and very well deserved..

We don’t always agree 100% on things, but I recognise your contribution to LGBT rights worldwide.

For years, you have done the unpleasant jobs… so the rest of us don’t HAVE to..

Those who sit on their cosy safas, behind their keyboards, critisising Peter and saying ‘he does not speak for me’.. would do well to ask themselves who does then?

Peter has never claimed to speak for the ‘gay community’… Sometimes he says what the gay community does not want to hear, or finds unpalatable.. He speaks though for those with no voice!

Well done Peter…. richly deserved and I hope your day raises much needed funds.. Thanks PinkNews!”
Cambodia Guesthouse

“Thanks Peter! So inspiring and encouraging all around the world.”
Paul Oz

“From Bermondsy to present day actions on behalf of gay rights Peter Tatchell has proved his courage and the strength of his convictions. This is a man who should be knighted if ever there was one.

Happy 60th Birthday Peter X”

“I have had the pleasure of hearing him speak 3 times, firstly about 20 years ago at our gaysoc at uni and latterly at the annual Greenbelt festival. I genuinely believe the guy is a modern-day saint! And a very humble one too. What an inspiration to us all!”

“It is hard to imagine GAY RIGHTS without Peter Tatchell as he has always been there. It is a shame for Melbourne and Australia that he chose to make London his home and we should all be truly grateful that he did so.”
David Wainwright

“Sam wrote: “We need more men and women like him to overcome the hateful people in the Christian and Muslim religions today. They are the main source of money and programs aimed at destroying LGBT people and gay marriage.”

I heartily endorse this and as a 78-year-old gay activist of much lower status, I warmly congratulate Peter on his long-standing fight for LGBT rights.

Happy 60th birthday!”
George Broadhead

“This is also the date to celebrate Martin Luther King’s birthday in the US. I cannot think of any other gay leader in Britain who more deserves to be compared to the great Dr. King than Peter Tatchell.

At a time when much of the LGBT establishment has become conformist and comfortable, Peter – sometimes almost alone – as kept the radical edge of our activism.”
Paul Hailsall

“Peter Tatchell, Thank you for all your great work campaigning not only for LGBT equality but all that you have done to better this world.

We still have plenty to change but you have had a massive impact on making this world a better place, thank you!!”

“I have always been a great admirer, and I congratulate Peter on his outstanding work for LGBT equality for so many years.

My gay son and I took part in a TV programme with him when we were fighting for an equal age of consent. He was brilliant and he has been my inspiration ever since.

With more people like him in the world, it would be a better place.

Happy 60th Birthday!”
Inga Rhodes

“Happy Birthday Peter and welcome to the not yet past it club!”

“Peter is a true pioneer for progress and justice.

I so admire his determination to claim justice for the weak, the oppressed and the powerless, regardless of personal safety. Where others would baulk, when it’s neither safe nor popular nor fashionable to put up the fight, Peter perseveres and refuses to compromise his principles.

In a celebrity-obsessed world, where image is all that matters and the glib and the vacuous are celbrated, here’s a true role-model with real substance, and someone whose name will be remembered long after our crop of grey, vain, weathervane politicians will have been forgotten!”

“Didn’t think I would, but reading all these comments…. now I’m welling-up!!

Well done Peter and have a very Happy birthday!

Much respect and love from a Brit in Cambodia! XXX”
Cambodia Guesthouse

“Happy birthday Peter, and many many more of them. The world would have been a poorer place without you and your hard work.”

“As a gay man of a similar generation to Peter I have oft admired his words and actions in so many places and at so many times. I have done nothing in comparison yet try to my bit to gain equality for us homosexuals in today’s society. Imagine my delight in learning I am going to meet him at last when we both speak at the Milton Keynes LGBT conference later this month. Listening to him will be the highlight of my endeavours for equality of acceptance for all.”

“I don’t always agree with Peter Tatchell but recognise that he does in the most part, incredible work and most importantly to make a difference to others.”
Jock S. Trap

“Let’s be clear on this; Peter is an angel sent from heaven and we all owe him a huge debt of gratitude. He’s an amazeballs kind of guy but can’t do it all himself – he needs help! Please visit the foundation website at to see how you can help. Money’s always good!”
Patrick McCann

“A true hero. Your passion, courage, tenacity and determination are inspirational and something to behold, Peter.

Happy Birthday! I salute you!!!”
Samuel B.

“Well done Peter, your work has been inspiring, Happy Birthday.”
Anthony Garrett

“Thank you Peter for being brave enough to say what needed to be said on all those occasions. Ignore the haters…like you always have done…even they have the right to their opinions.
Happy Birthday Peter”

“Like him or not he has done more for us than most.

Happy Birthday Peter”

“A few years back at a management grooming day we were asked to say who our heroes or roll models were. Most said Thatcher or Churchill or the like but I stood out as “not one of us” because I said Peter Tatchell. He still is one of my heroes. I met him at a bi-con many years ago when biphobia was worse in the gay community than the straight. He was one of the speakers and he showed his humanity and kindness as well as his fight against all forms of prejudice no matter the source.”

“Peter Tatchell is certainly an inspiration, a living hero. Any human who believes in speaking out and actively fighting against all forms of discrimination is indeed a human after my own heart. Happy 60th Birthday Peter, if only there were more like you who believe a better world is possible, a better world would no longer be a dream but a reality. Thanks for your selfless service to humanity, humanity is blessed to have you and we do hope to have you with us much more longer, long enough for you to enjoy the fruits of your labour.”
Yemisi Ilesanmi

“Peter, you have given hope, courage and help to the LGBT Community world wide and you are a shining light in the fight for LGBT rights all over the world. I salute you Peter. May you become Lord Peter.”

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