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Video: Pope attacks ‘aggressive secularism’ as he arrives in UK

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  1. “He said Hitler’s “atheist extremism” had led to the horrors of the Holocaust”

    yet he, himself was a member of Hitler Youth and took the lessons he learned about jewish people when he was in Hitler Youth and just applied them instead to gay people, women and children.

    I’m delighted that the tickets to his open air gig are not selling well.

    Lady Gaga would have been a bigger draw.

  2. Ooops – am I being too aggressively secularist?

  3. Britain’s “tolerance” should be an education for him.

  4. Because of his hatred of liberal values he is rightfully despised.
    He is now an international embarrasment.

  5. I just wrote something witty and cutting and it vanished off the site:-(

  6. Mihangel apYrs 16 Sep 2010, 4:09pm

    “agressive secularism”: the desire to remove fantasy-based opinion from law and public activity

  7. “He said Hitler’s “atheist extremism” had led to the horrors of the Holocaust and praised Britain’s stand against it.”

    Yeah, that’s why Hitler referred to Jews as ‘christ-killers’ *rolls eyes* Hitler’s beliefs that some people were superior to others and that the ‘inferior’ should be exterminated was what caused the holocaust. And as some religious people like to big themselves up by pretending that others are inferior (women, LGBT people, etc etc) and spread messages of what can sometimes quite justifiably be called hate for their fellow human beings, then I personally see those religious people as closer to Hitler than any atheists I know.

    I love the way we’re always “aggressive” – we have our dreadful aggressive gay agenda supposedly, and now atheism – an absence of belief in god – is “aggressive” too. For “agressive” read “anyone who doesn’t agree with me”.

  8. The Bavarian Rottweiler is simply wrong about his kennel-mate Herr Hitler. Hitler espoused a form of folkish Germanic paganism as his state religion not atheism. Atheism is/was a reasoned philosophical position and as such was highly suspect (too clever by half). It is right that Hitler was intolerant of Religion (specifically world religions) but only because he thought is necessary to undermine any autonomous power structure in Germany that might rival his power. So there!

  9. Comments about Pope on YouTube have now been removed and disabled –

  10. I actually thought he looked a bit spaced out while the queen was making her speech.

  11. Mihangel apYrs 16 Sep 2010, 4:46pm

    [email protected]
    they were scared of the negativity shown, obviously!

    CallmeDave shouldn’t be sucking up to any religious leader, though of course, the Tories now do “do God”

    I wonder what Cleggie thinks about the Bishop of Rome’s invasion?

  12. Dawkins is absolutely livid because of this speech. He even announced that the gloves are now off. I can’t wait for his letters and commentaries in newspapers in the following days! :D

  13. People are more secular today as we know about disasters such as the tsunami, hurricanes and earthquakes etc. and other natural disasters due to modern communications. We can see them on TV and the internet. When world religions were first developed we didn’t know about such horrible disasters happening in far off lands and were told, “God loves you,”
    If I were a child whose parents had died in the tsunami or a hurricane then s/he has a funny way of showing love. I did not know (nor love) anyone who died in a tsunami or other natural disaster. BUT I wanted them to live happy, productive lives. If I could have stopped a natural disaster or thousands or people being killed then I would have.
    Maybe god could not have stopped these disasters, maybe not…
    I really think that people are better than god.
    The average dog breeder X-Rays hips, does blood tests and monitors health etc. before they breed.
    Does god?
    god lets anybody breed.

  14. So predictable. He attacks the aggressive secularism that eventually made possible the legal toleration and emancipation of Catholics and other religious minorities who didn’t conform to the Church of England.
    Round one. Next he’ll be denying the existence of aggressive Catholicism.


  16. marjangles 16 Sep 2010, 6:53pm

    Actually, it’s completely wrong to suggest that Hitler was some kind of athiest extremist. In ‘Mein Kampf’, a book which was handed out to all couples marrying in the third reich, Hitler stated ‘I am convinced that I am acting as an agent of the Creator. By fighting off the Jews I am doing the Lord’s work.’ He repeated this assertion during a speech before the Reichstag in 1938.

    Further, every German solider wore a belt buckle with the words ‘Gott mit uns’ (God is with us) inscribed and blessing of troops and equipment (by Catholic priests amongst others) took place regularly.

    So more rewriting of history by this Pope, covering up the fact that his Church stood by and did nothing while the Jews were exterminated and indeed the then Pope was quite pally with Hitler. There are plenty of atheist dictators who did a lot of bad things but he can’t blame atheism for Hitler. In 1941 Hitler reportedly told one of his generals that he was and always will be a Catholic.

  17. Sadly this “brilliant intellectual” of a Pope either doesn’t have a grasp of what secularism actually is or he is deviously making secularism out to be a threat that it simply is not…

    Unless of course you happen to be a totalitarian religious leader like the Pope, grasping for ever more power and control. In that case secularism probably is the Pope’s greatest threat while at the same time being the only thing that can protect us ordinary citizens from his excesses and from the excesses of other religious leaders who seek privileges for themselves and their followers at the expense of the human rights of everyone else.

  18. The Daily Mash had an excellent satirical take on the visit so far
    Sums it up nicely for me.

  19. Mihangel apYrs No.11 – Nick Clegg was first in line to meet the Pope in Edinburgh today, next to Alex Salmond (of course, no surprise there) and for some reason, the Archbishop of Canterbury.

  20. Peter Baird 16 Sep 2010, 8:17pm

    Recon you should watch this rabid chiseler while he is in town.
    He will have the Peckers off your classical statues in the shake of a Lambs tail.

  21. So this deluded fool has arrived on this island FIGHTING, and basically THINKING that if he lays down the law from the moment he arrives he’ll silence us all and ensure that the whole country will turn against all of us who would like to see this deluded old fool sent packing.


    Visit the “Protest the Pope” website and get out on the streets at every demonstration that’s being organized against him and let’s all kick up stink against this old goat!

    Make costumes.

    Make placards.

    Make noise.

    And let’s send him up something rotten!

    This guy is a nobody. He’s a deluded prat.

  22. Well history repeats – the Catholic Church will do anything to survive.

    This enmity of the Vatican to the Liberal Italy of the closing decades of the nineteenth century not only created a state of war, as it did in other countries in similar circumstances, but also forbade all Italians to participate in the democratic life of the nation and exercise their newly acquired right to vote. Pius XI issued a “Non expedit,” which forbade Catholics, under pain of excommunication, to vote at the elections. But as millions of Catholics were leaving the Church and therefore did not obey, Leo XIII, in 1886, had to issue new instructions to the effect that this “Non expedit” did not permit any of the faithful to use their vote.

    This extraordinary interference in the political life of a nation on the pretext of the Roman question was in reality the desperate effort of the Vatican to weaken the secularization of Italy and the Liberal forces, as well as all those other anti-clerical and revolutionary elements which were daily increasing throughout the country.

    The Vatican’s claim of the right to forbid Italians to vote was upheld well into the first decades of the twentieth century, and although it was slightly modified in 1905, and Catholic candidates participated in the elections of 1904, 1909, and 1913, the ban on Catholics taking part in the political life of the nation was not lifted until some time after the First World War. When the Vatican did grant Catholics the right to vote, it did not do so because it had been converted to democratic ideals, but because it had been forced by the changed times and the mood of the people. They not only continued to leave the Church en masse, but their anti-clericalist tendencies had increased a hundredfold since the first “Non expedit.” This was due to the spreading of Anarchism and Socialism, which at the turn of the century began to take hold of the masses throughout the Peninsula, and which, by the time of the outbreak of the First World War, had already gained considerable political influence.

    What a sad group of old men who will use their control of people to betray an entire country.

    I’m glad we’re more secular and we should never let this old idiot gain the power he wants.

  23. PumpkinPie 16 Sep 2010, 9:31pm

    I can see him having a problem with aggressive atheism. I’m an atheist and even I despise rabid lunatics like Pat Condell. Hell, even the eminently more sensible Richard Dawkins irritates me from time to time, when he starts getting a little too preachy.

    But the Pope didn’t mention aggressive atheism. He mentioned aggressive secularism, which is total BS and so utterly typical of the Church’s persecution complex.

    Unlike atheism, secularism is merely about keeping religion out of politics and keeping it personal. There might be some sociopathic atheists who want to round up all the religious folk and forcibly “de-program” them, but you wouldn’t get that from secularist policies. That’s because secularism is about levelling the playing field and being fair to all. And the Church authorities hate that. Denying them the ability to infringe on other people’s rights feels just like persecution to them.

  24. Aggressive secularism beats the he// out of aggressive paedophilia.

  25. How can he even speak of tolerance, and commend it? I need to know his definition of that word; it is surely not the same as mine.

  26. 21stCenturySpirituality 17 Sep 2010, 5:08am

    Given the Popes scapegoating of gay people for the child abuse scandal in the Catholic Church and now his assertion that those who engaged in such heinous abuse have an ‘illness’ are we now to assume that the Pope is suggesting that being gay is an illness?

  27. katie Murphy 17 Sep 2010, 6:48am

    A sick in the head old man, who can;t acceot that ppeople see through his demonization of everything and everyone who disagrees with his hitlerite absolutist beleifs.

    But every time he opens his mouth, more amd more good catholics leave the church.

    This sick old you know what is Gods gift to the human race Just not the way he thinks he is.

  28. Mihangel apYrs 17 Sep 2010, 7:03am

    I know of few other heads of state on a STATE visit who get away with spending time at rallies of their followers stirring up antagonism towards the receiving State, they usually spend time with govt officials discussing issues, and meeting dignitaries.

    It’s rather like Mao Dzedung coming over and spending his time selling his red book!

  29. I for one am encouraged by what the Pope had to say and felt this to be profoundly important. I am glad that he said what needed to be said at this time and hope people take heed.

    PS I am not a defender of the Catholic church and reserve my position on what he did not say. I agree with his Hitler comments and especially agree with his “agressive form of secularism” and advice to young people comments. However, I regret he did not express more regret than he did for the RC church not standing up to Hitler when a difference could have been made and maybe many lives saved!

    PPS I am a fan of John Henry Newman and identify with some of his struggles. Peter Tatchell has gone down a notch in my estimation by declaring him to be a homosexual without substantial evidence. Btw can anyone enlighten me: what is a “platonic gay relationship”?

  30. “Btw can anyone enlighten me: what is a “platonic gay relationship”?”

    It’s the kind of thing you say which you hope that no one will think too much about. It is, basically, nonsense.

  31. 21stCenturySpirituality 17 Sep 2010, 1:56pm

    Oh right I see. So apparently writing a book and giving a few lectures and making some documentaries and sponsoring an advertising campaign is now considered to be an act of aggression. I thought that came under freedom of speech.

  32. Atheist Adolf: “I am now as before a Catholic and will always remain so”.

  33. katie Murphy 18 Sep 2010, 6:24am

    I happen to have eextrdinry hearing – No one understands why.

    And in the whistling of the win, I can hear the Jackhammers and concrete mixers operating.

    As they enlarge hitlers quarters so he can have company – Pope RATZI. Birds of a feather belong together.

  34. Everyone thank the Pope – For telling us that we should all be part of aggessive secularism.

    The freedom to not listen or be brainwahsd by the clone of the guy who committed suicide in Berlin on April 29, 1945.

    BTW, the real reason the church is so opposed to stem cell research, thanks to a PHD biotech friend of mine………………

    OUt of step cell research will come not only cures for the most horrible of diseases, eg Paralysis diseases and altsheimers but……

    Also an understanding of basic life, and how cells become specialized.

    And with that our children will be able to begin construting basic life forms at the celular level.

    And the churches story of creation will be seen as just another of the flat earth theories it really is

    And with that more and more the curse of western Mankind for 2 millenia will dissolve into the dust. The only crime being that the Arabs failed to do the job for us back 1500 years ago, when the church combined with corrupt kings, to bring a reign of terror on the islamic world. Over the period 900 to 1500, aggressive catholocism murdered 40-50 million people.

    Kind of hard to not understand why some of those people hate us. Hate begates hate ad infinitum. The goal of the catholic chruch.

  35. john sharp 18 Sep 2010, 9:57am

    this pope is the biggest shame to mankind
    he speaks only of inclusion
    while excluding 50% of women and 10% gays
    who is left? religion is indoctrination
    not freedom
    imprison the genocidal pope

  36. John (different one to post 49) 18 Sep 2010, 11:27am

    “the real reason the church is so opposed to stem cell research” … and only in the case of the human embryo is because this represents potential life and that is not what embryos are meant for. HOWEVER the church recognises the value and encourages use of adult stem cells in research. To my knowledge embryonic stemm cell research have produced several positive results but not none in the case of embryo research (or at least that which could have been done with adult stem cells).

    O how I wish people got their facts right before launching into spurious attacks on the church.

  37. A secular society is the only defence against religious extremism.

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