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Grayson Perry estimates at least one MP is a cross-dresser

PinkNews Staff Writer June 4, 2010
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The artist Grayson Perry has called politicians to be more open and says he expects at least one MP is a cross-dresser.

The potter, who sometimes appears in a dress as his female alter-ego Claire, said more “sparkling characters” could inspire the public.

Speaking on BBC One programme This Week, he said: “When I came to prominence wearing a dress, I felt very welcomed actually. The thing the art world struggled with more than my transvestitism was that I was making pots.

“I can understand that somebody in a more ‘suited’ profession, such as a banker or a politician, would struggle if they came to work in a dress

“Though statistically, I suspect there is at least one transvestite in the House of Commons.”

He also called David Laws “naive” for trying to hide his sexual orientation.

Mr Laws resigned from his Cabinet post last week after i was revealed he had broken Commons rules by claiming expenses on a house owned by his secret boyfriend. He said he broke rules to hide his relationship, rather than claim more money.

Perry said: “While I have every sympathy with David Laws and his struggle to come out to his parents, I think that it was kind of naive for anybody in public life to keep such a thing as that secret because under media scrutiny of the modern world, it’s impossible to keep those secrets.

“And in a way, I would want my elected representatives to be brave enough and confident enough to deal with such a thing. Because if they’re standing up in parliament speaking up for what they believe in on my behalf, I should hope they’d be able to it on their own behalf.”

“If we had some more sparkling characters standing up representing us, people might be more driven on a bit more to care.”

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