Glee actor hopes gay teens can identify with his character

PinkNews Staff Writer April 12, 2010
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Chris Colfer, the actor who plays Kurt Hummel in Glee, has said he hopes gay teenagers can identify with the character.

The 19-year-old star was asked by Digital Spy about whether he thought Kurt could help gay teenagers.

He said: “I definitely hope so. I decided to play him the way I do because there are a lot of over- the- top flamboyant loud characters like Kurt on TV.

“I grew up in a small conservative town so I didn’t know a lot of people like that, so that’s why I decided to play him that way. I have so many letters and messages and fan mail. People are relieved to see someone being honest with who they are.”

Kurt’s most famous scene to date saw him teaching the football team how to dance to Beyonce’s Single Ladies.

In the next series, which begins airing in the UK on April 19th on E4, Kurt gets a boyfriend.

Colfer said: “I think it’s going to be the first couple of episodes of the second season, so we’ve got a while yet. I don’t want to be the downside to the relationship so I’m hoping he’s less good-looking than me!”

On spoilers for the upcoming season, he said: “We are in a heavy battle with Vocal Adrenaline and they are starting to see the ND as a threat, so they try to sabotage us a bit and we of course sabotage them right back.

“The focus in the next few episodes is probably Rachel, Finn and Kurt. Kurt wants Kurt’s dad and Finn’s mum to get married so he can get closer to him! The crush hasn’t gone away – I think he’ll always have a soft spot for him!”

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