Adam Lambert: ‘People are freaked out by male sexuality’

PinkNews Staff Writer November 17, 2009
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American Idol star Adam Lambert has said that people find his expressions of his sexuality offensive because he is gay.

The singer was talking to Out Magazine, which has just named him one of its top 100 gays. He appears on the cover with comedian Wanda Sykes, out gay soldier Lt Dan Choi, singer Cyndi Lauper and film director Rob Marshall.

He said: “To some people, me being sexual is really offensive because I’m gay. They’re like, he’s being really gay. And I’m like, actually, no, because there’s no other guys up here. I’m just being sexual.

“And male sexuality is frightening to America. Female sexuality – it might not be the best example of it, but it’s all over the place. Overt female sexuality might be degrading. It might not be the most feminist type of sexuality, unless you look at it like the woman’s in control, so she’s got the power.

“Sexuality is just – people are so freaked out by it. The double standard is that a woman can get away with it but a man hasn’t been able to yet.”

Lambert also discussed his relationship with interior designer Drake LaBry. The pair were reported to have split earlier this month.

He said: “Sometimes it’s hard to, like, be a boyfriend for somebody, because you don’t know what that means. What does that mean? Especially if you haven’t been in many relationships.

“And being in the gay community, we don’t grow up with any role models for that. We don’t know what we’re supposed to be. And I think that’s funny because there’s so much – again, it’s something that’s being evolved out of, but in the gay community there’s so much promiscuity.

“It’s socially accepted in the gay community to be promiscuous. . . And I’m not judging that, but I don’t think that’s for me. I don’t think it’s emotionally healthy.”

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