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Movie outs gay politicians who vote against gay rights

Henrietta Ronson May 8, 2009
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Kirby Dick is famous for his controversial films. His Oscar-nominated Twist of Faith dealt with sex abuse cover ups within the Catholic Church and This Film is Not Yet Rated yielded just as much attention.

His new film, Outrage, which will soon be aired at the Tribeca Film Festival, is no different.

It draws on a plethora of substantiated claims to out alleged gay Republican politicians, who reportedly lead hypocritical double lives and vote against the LGBT community.

Dick says he intends to explore the hypocrisy of such politicians and wants to promote the idea that we are in a society now where gay politicians can run without hiding their sexual orientation and win.

Republican Mark Foley is one of the more obvious examples after he was indicted after having sexual relations with 16 year old male assistants. This controversy first surfaced in 2006 before the midterm elections.

The illicit emails between Foley and the boys were released publicly and the transcripts are still available online. Ironically, in the email, Foley requests naked pictures from the boys but at the time is also championing for harsher anti-child pornography laws.

Larry Craig, who was caught cruising a men’s bathroom in Minnesota airport, is also featured in the film. Craig too has advocated legislation against the gay community.

Charlie Crist, the governor of Florida and forerunner for the 2012 Republican elections, is a politician consistently mentioned throughout the documentary. Dick founds his theory using stories brought together by local reporters and the governors’ dating patterns during election seasons.

In a website interview with Reuters, Dick claims although these revelations have been avoided by the mainstream press, all allegations are factually accurate. He said: “If they decide to legally come after me, it will be as big a story as the film.

“All it will do will help to get sales. A, what is said is true and B, I have a right to say it.”

The film will have a limited release in May.

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