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Coronation Street Spoilers: Ail gets her man back

PinkNews Staff Writer April 5, 2009
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When Ken recommends some private tutors for Chesney – who is refusing to go back to school – Fiz opts for her last chance of support and visits John in prison. He is only too pleased to help – but soon declares his undying love which sends her rushing out in a panic.

Still suspicious of Luke and how much he knows about Liam’s death Tony wants answers from his private investigator. He’s discovered Luke was a friend of Paul Connor’s and took out a huge loan to buy Carla’s share of the factory. But when he can’t clarify whether he ever met with Carla Tony demands he keep looking.

The relationship between Michelle and Peter fizzles out after a promising start when she is impressed by his attitude after the fire. But he lets himself down when he takes her for dinner and panics when she orders a glass of wine. He asks for a second chance but before she has answered she sees her with Luke in the pub and jumps to the wrong conclusion – confirming to Michelle that he is childish and hasn’t overcome his battle with the bottle.

Mary excitedly tells Norris that now she doesn’t have to care for her mother they can travel the world together in their mobile home. Norris tries to look keen but his heart isn’t in it.

Tina comes back from holiday and makes up with her Dad and Gail. She convinces him to move out and find a place with her – but is soon back in Gail’s clutches after hurting his back. He says he loves her but Tina isn’t so sure. As they play happy families, David returns from his dad’s house and claims to be a new man. But is it another of his bluffs?
With her new-found religious beliefs Sophie decides she’s going to ask forgiveness for the terrible things she’s done in the past. She admits to Rita she stole some sweets from the Kabin and while Rita is forgiving it isn’t long before Norris makes Sophie mop the floor as a penance – a punishment she is happy to accept.

It’s Ken and Deirdre’s anniversary but as she presents him with a card she’s disappointed that he’s forgotten. Making up ground he asks her if she’d like to go out for dinner but Deirdre tells him it’s too late and it’s obvious he’s not really interested.

Coronation Street Spoilers: Ail gets her man back

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