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Coronation Street Spoilers: Two proposals for Becky

PinkNews Staff Writer February 1, 2009

When the factory girls turn up at Underworld to find it locked up and no sign of Carla and Tony, alarms bells ring. Maria tells them what she saw the previous evening and so Julie goes to their flat to find a blood-soaked and dejected Tony. She fears for Carla but later Leanne and Maria go to the flat and a drunken Tony says she has left because she was in love with Liam all along. How will Maria take this last bit of news?

Gary and Tina are still getting on despite her lies about David’s punch – and his animosity towards his neighbour. The enormity of the problems David is causing for her hit home when she finds herself alone and being threatened in the kebab shop by Len. Gary swings a punch at Len – an act that Tina is grateful for.

Kevin is worried about Sophie’s date with Ben but Sally reassures him that he is a nice boy. Rosie helps Sophie get ready and for once the girls put their past arguments behind them and enjoy being sisters.

Elsewhere Martha presents Ken with a kimono but rather than confessing to Deirdre, he claims he bought it himself!

A stressed out Steve gives in to Natasha who wants a date but he spend the evening watching football and eating take-away curry. Meanwhile Jason is planning a romantic gesture for Becky for Valentine’s Day. At first it was going to be a trip to Spain but Becky refused to travel on Friday 13th…
Jason decides that he has to do something to make this Friday 13th the luckiest one Becky has ever had so when she is later working at the café, he bursts in, dressed in uniform, and sweeps her off her feet literally – to gasps from the customers he takes her outside where a gleaming Harley awaits.

Meanwhile Steve McDonald is also planning a surprise for Becky having discovered she has rejected Jason’s holiday idea. Unaware of Jason’s subsequent extravagant proposal plans he arms himself with a bunch of flowers and Michelle’s old engagement ring but it seems he is too late.

While everyone congratulates Becky and Jason on their engagement, Steve plays it cool – but eventually lets rip and tells Becky he was planning on proposing to her.

Mary and Norris also enjoy a date before she heads off on her cruise with her mother. She offers him another chance to go with her and is devastated when he refuses.

Sally asks Graeme to do some work in the garden and passes the work off as her own. Kevin is impressed until Graeme turns up to see if he left his watch at the house. Sally has to come clean but Kevin is furious with her for lying to him and confides in Ashley that he still doesn’t feel at home in the house. – prompting Ashley to invite him to stay the night in his old house!

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