INTERVIEW:One gay guy’s search for the perfect partner

Stephanie Phillips July 7, 2008
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On 25 June 2008 Mark Bowness celebrated his 29th birthday and decided once and for all that it was the last time he would be single on his special day.

He launched a worldwide search for a partner to have a civil partnership with next year on his 30th.

Sound romantic?

Well maybe you would like to head over to and set up a date with Mark.

He has set up the site to document each date and “use the power of the internet…to find the guy of my dreams.”

Mark who is from Liverpool, told

“The more I looked at the online gay sites I realised they are only about one thing. I was thinking how could I meet a guy and I thought someone like me could use the internet to find love.”

Mark had a hard time accepting his sexuality when he was younger.

He was in a relationship with a woman for seven years and married to her for four of those years until the marriage broke down. Mark became depressed and attempted suicide.

“The marriage ended when I was 26 and I was left face to face with me and my issues. I hated my sexuality as I was brought up to believe that it was wrong. It took five months to get over and to say ‘this is me, this is who I am’ and I did what an 18 year old would and played the field.

“I embraced the scene for a while and was at Pride Manchester last year. I’m not being negative to those who have random sex because they are fulfilling a human need. I am after something more in life and so are others.”

Mark admits to using normal online dating sites before but believes setting up is better for him because it reflects his true personality.

Mark, creator of the award winning social network site Tribewanted, says he has no ideal man but would like to meet someone creative, driven and ambitious.

The qualities that are a turn off in a guy for him are smokers and guys with science fiction obsessions, but don’t despair chain smoking Star Wars fans as Mark is willing to make exceptions.

“This is what I am learning as I go on. I met a guy who was into Star Wars but we still connected.”

Mark has come under criticism for launching the site and has been branded desperate by some members of the gay community for wanting to find a partner in a year.

“I have had comments from lads saying it’s a bit desperate but isn’t going on Gaydar a bit desperate too.”

Since the website was first launched it has had 1000 hits.

Mark has received 35 date requests and has been on two dates so far.

He insists that he did not expect so many date requests especially without press attention.

His first date was with a teacher from Liverpool who took him on a tour of his home town and talked about how the city had changed over the years.

The second date was at the cinema with a guy who was engaged before but unfortunately his partner was sadly killed.

Although Mark is optimistic about his search in this non-stop world many people struggle to find that special someone over their entire lifetime. Does he really expect to find a partner in just a year?

“If I meet someone and they don’t want to get married yet that’s fine. I don’t think I’ve lost it’s just a continuation.

“People hook up together all the time and I want to dedicate my spare time to finding a guy of my dreams. Outside of my business , if I put my effort into this, then I am hopeful I might find ‘the one.’”

To find out more about Mark or request a date go to

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