Emmerdale Spoilers: Donald’s daughter makes an unexpected appearance

PinkNews Staff Writer July 1, 2008
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Lexi is shocked when she overhears that Donald is planning to leave the business. She calls Carl immediately and warns him that the company may be about to be sold. He then wastes no time in confronting Donald with these fears. Donald wonders aloud whether Carl feels the business owes him.

Carl denies this, saying his loyalty is to Donald, who, pleased with this answer, declares that he’s retiring and appointing Carl as the new managing director of De Souzas.

But things change quickly in soapworld. No sooner does Carl feel settled with his new title when in walks someone who threatens to knock him right off his podium.

When a stranger called Anna arrives at the business, Carl mistakenly assumes she’s come for an interview. He’s rattled when this lady seems to know an awful lot about the business and about Donald. Then she drops the bombshell that she’s Donald’s estranged daughter.

What will Donald say when he finds out that Anna has returned and wants to be a part of his life and the business? Will Carl be able to keep his new role now a rival has arrived in town?

Katie is unnerved when Gray steps in and attempts to arrange a date for the caesarean. It’s time for the young lass to take control. She secretly arranges an alternative date and manages to stop Gray from receiving any more correspondence from the hospital. She tells Chas she’s decided to give the baby up for adoption, but will she be able to get away with her plan?

She then considers whether to pursue financial compensation from Gray for her ordeal. She’s soon tempted by a blank cheque that’s been left lying around. All she needs to do is fill it in. Will she have the nerve to go through with it?

That’s not the end of Katie’s elaborate plotting. She invents a sob story about her mother being in financial ruin, knowing that this is all she needs to do before Gray reaches for the cheque book again and sends some cash her way. Of course, he obliges and this just pushes Katie to become even greedier. Her next suggestion is that they will be able to save money by letting Perdy move back in with them. Is there any way Gray will agree to this?

Elsewhere in the dales, Marlon is becoming increasingly frustrated that Viv is seriously curbing his creativity in the café. Over at the Woolpack, the food situation is in crisis too. Rodney is complaining that there hasn’t been enough food delivered for Donald’s birthday party. Diane and Val put their heads together to find a solution. It’s not long before they discover the truth about Marlon and offer him his old job back. Will he accept?

Eli arranges to have lunch with Gennie so that they can discuss the recent misunderstanding about their kiss. Unfortunately, Gennie gets the wrong idea and thinks it’s a dinner date. When Eli tells her what’s on his mind, Gennie manages to laugh off her misinterpretation and insists she doesn’t fancy him at all. But is she hiding her true feelings?
Emmerdale Spoilers: Donald’s daughter makes an unexpected appearance

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