EastEnders Spoilers: Peggy and Ronnie track Roxy down in Dorset

PinkNews Staff Writer July 1, 2008
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Ronnie and Peggy take the road trip from hell this week as they leave Albert Square in search of wayward mum-to-be Roxy who has done a runner. Ronnie is hell-bent on dragging her good-for-nothing sister back to Walford to grow up and be a responsible mother, while Peggy sees the journey as an opportunity to break down Ronnie’s emotional walls. Needless to say it’s a recipe for disaster.

There are a few revelations during the journey as they both begin to defrost and open up about their lives. But their female bonding session is brought to an abrupt halt when they come out of a motorway café only to find the jeep has been stolen.

Eventually, after hitch-hiking and various other means, they arrive at their destination and Ronnie is completely stunned when the door opens and her dad is standing there. Ronnie had no idea Roxy was with their dad. She hasn’t spoke to him for years. Will old wounds be healed at last?

Meanwhile, local thug Sean is furious that no one’s told him where Roxy has gone and tries to force an answer out of Billy who is temporarily looking after the Vic. When Billy isn’t forthcoming he runs upstairs and grabs baby William from his cot, holding him precariously near the window. Billy finally relents and says where they’ve gone. When will the law finally catch up with crazed lunatic Sean?

With everyone gone from the Vic and Billy in charge, Honey urges him to make the best of it and show everyone that he is the best of all the Mitchells. He agrees, and his first idea is to launch Billy’s happiest hour in the pub, which receives a mixed response from Honey. Will hapless Billy prove his mettle or will he make a first-class idiot of himself?

Elsewhere, Phil is desperate to cut the apron strings and starts looking for a new house for himself and Ben in Watford in Hertfordshire. Ben is devastated because he doesn’t want to leave Grandma Peggy, but Phil is adamant.

Never one to miss a trick, Max asks Phil to take £1,000 to his sister when he is in Watford looking for property. Phil reluctantly agrees, but when he finds her its clear she’s in a lot of trouble and is in debt to some local thugs. He brings her back to the East End and during the drive she turns on all the charm and flirts outrageously with him. Its clear he’s attracted too, as the chemistry between them is electric. Could romance-starved Phil be in for some fun at last?

Once in the Vic, she makes herself at home by jumping into Phil’s bed. He is gobsmacked when he walks into his room to find her naked in bed but it’s clear he is very tempted and eventually he throws caution to the wind and jumps in beside her. Could Phil have stumbled upon a new romance or is Suzy more attracted to Phil’s big bank balance?
EastEnders Spoilers: Peggy and Ronnie track Roxy down in Dorset

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