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Coronation Street Spoilers: Tony plays dirty in his bid for the garage

PinkNews Staff Writer July 1, 2008

Not someone to let anything get in his way, Tony is hell-bent on buying the garage from Kevin this week. There is just one thing standing in his way – Kevin, who is equally determined not to sell. Move over David and Goliath.

In his bid to get his hands on the garage, Tony tries every trick in the book and even invites a surveyor round to assess the value of the business while Kevin is out. However, when Kevin returns, he is not best pleased to find the pair on his premises. Will Tony ever give up or has he just not found Kevin’s price yet?

The situation threatens to spiral out of control when Tony enlists the help of impressionable Rosie. Unaware that she is being used as a pawn in the battle, she agrees to get him the client list. How low will Tony stoop to get what he wants?

Meanwhile, Lloyd is getting himself in a bit of a state, as it seems that Michelle has told everyone in the street about Steve’s plans to propose. On top of this, Becky is working behind the bar in the Rovers. How will Steve react when he gets back to discover the girl he had a sordid fling with is now working with his wife?

Lloyd tells Becky she should leave the job before Steve comes home, but with Michelle determined to keep her on, it seems Lloyd will have a fight on his hands.

When Steve does finally return he is like a rabbit caught in the headlights. Half the street knows about his “secret” proposal plans. Furious, he confronts Lloyd who defends his actions by saying at least he never let it slip about Steve’s night with Becky. Steve is beside himself and vows he never wants to marry again now and it’s all Lloyd’s fault.

How will Michelle take the news that it’s all off?

Elsewhere, Sean pays the ultimate price for his boozy extended lunch, when Tony fires him on the spot. Sean returns home and breaks the bad news to Marcus. It seems their dreams of moving into a new flat are over.

Marcus moves back in with Eileen, but Sean is determined to get his job back somehow and even bakes a cake for Carla. But with Tony on the warpath over the garage purchase he is not in the mood for forgiveness and Sean’s attempts at apologising fall on deaf ears.
What will Sean do now?

Meanwhile, Deirdre’s fed up with Ken as he seems more interested in the past and his school reunion than her and Tracey. But secretly Ken is apprehensive about the get-together and once there he starts to feel worse as he is forced to admit he still lives in the house he’s always been in. Although he enjoys catching up with his old friends, it just highlights for him how little he has done with his life. Will he be able to stop living in the past and get on with the present?

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