Hollyoaks: Max meets his end on his wedding day

PinkNews Staff Writer June 18, 2008
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OB is distraught as Max lies dead in his arms. Tom and Steph are equally devastated. Steph asks OB to head back to the wedding party at The Dog and tell them what’s happened. That’s never going to be an easy task.

As the days go by, Tony struggles to come to terms with the loss of Max. Steph is clearly in shock and refuses to take off her wedding dress or leave the flat.

Elsewhere in the village, Tina overhears a conversation between Tony and Mandy that leaves her incredibly upset. She rushes off, only to be mugged by desperate druggie Fletch. Luckily for her, Niall is on hand to be her knight in shining amour and save the day.

Tina then opens up to Niall, telling him her thoughts on giving her baby away. Niall secretly hits on a strange idea that he thinks will help her. Later that day, he sneaks up behind Tina and pushes her down some city steps.

Heavily pregnant Tina is rushed to hospital where the baby is born prematurely. Jacqui and Tony struggle to hide their joy when they see the child. Dom is more concerned about the fact that his wife is yet to wake from a coma.

When Tina eventually opens her eyes the doctor tells her she will never be able to have children again. How will this bombshell affect the surrogacy?
Kieron and John Paul are packed and ready to head out of Hollyoaks to lead a new life together. News of Tina’s attack stops them in their tracks. Will they ever be able to be together?

Justin seems to be the one person with some good news this week. He’s looking forward to starting his new job as a repossession bailiff. He hears that the company is even bringing in a junior for him to look after. Will a steady job settle Justin down a bit?

Drug addict Fletch is in a mess. When Niall accuses him of pushing Tina down the steps, the increasing paranoid youngster has no idea what to do. Scared that he might be in huge trouble, Fletch makes his escape.

Nige is skint for once, but soon spots an opportunity to make a bit of cash. He sees Justin chatting on his mobile and, while the lad is clearly distracted, pinches his laptop.

Later that day, nasty Nige approaches Sasha with a bag of heroin. He tries to get the young girl to succumb to her addiction demons, but will she?

Justin tells Nancy that he thinks Frankie should have custody of Charlie. Nancy is furious that Justin won’t back her custody battle for the young boy.

Over at The Loft, it’s Ravi’s first night in charge. How will that work out?
Hollyoaks: Max meets his end on his wedding day

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