Emmerdale: Baby Arthur is rushed to hospital

PinkNews Staff Writer June 18, 2008
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Greg throws himself right into the baby signing class. He’s thoroughly enjoying being with Mel and Arthur. This cheerful mood doesn’t last long though. When the instructor mistakenly addresses Mel and Greg as Arthur’s parents, Mel does nothing to correct him.

A furious Greg later points out to Mel that this kind of behaviour will only make a difficult situation worse.

Ashley remains a troubled man too. Doug is worried that he’s about to do something that he’ll regret, like give Arthur back to the Dolands.

Laurel is more concerned when Arthur starts coughing and thinks it best to get Mel to help. Doug dismisses it as nothing to worry about, but when Laurel is eventually left alone, Arthur takes a turn for the worst. With Mel’s help, she has to rush him to hospital.
Will this health scare kick-start Laurel’s maternal instincts?

Marlon is suffering with his nerves. He’s getting ready to contact Phil at the Malt and accept the job offer. Donna thinks he should reconsider, but that fact that he’s heard nothing from Val or Diane makes him believe his future lies elsewhere. Is he making a wise move?

Bob and Viv are planning for the future. They call a family lunch with Donna, Marlon, Louise and Jamie. The four guests are stunned when they find out why they’re there: the couple reveal that they’d like them to share joint custody of the twins should anything happen to them.

Later, Louise goes so far as to suggest to Jamie that Bob and Viv should also think about signing the businesses over to them in case they end up in prison. Is Louise taking advantage of a bad situation? What on earth will Viv say when this idea is put to her?

Elsewhere, Gennie is unhappy when Debbie snaps at her in the café. She tells Paddy that she doesn’t think she’ll ever truly be accepted as a Dingle. Paddy knows how she feels. He tells her that he never really felt part of the family, even though he’s been married to both Mandy and Emily.

It’s not long before Gennie hits on a plan to impress the Dingle clan. But will it work?
Surrogate mum Katie’s plans to take the baby away from Gray and Perdy after the birth could be scuppered. Chas warns the young girl that she’ll probably be in no state to get up to anything. With this in mind, she tells Gray and Perdy that she wants an elective caesarean. What is she up to?

Lexi asks Donald for another chance at her job and he reluctantly agrees to a trial period. It’s going to be tough to impress him in such a short time. Now, she may have her job back but has she lost Carl for good?

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