EastEnders: A blood-soaked Sean returns to the square

PinkNews Staff Writer June 18, 2008
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In Albert Square people don’t just come and go – they make dramatic exits in car crashes, explosions, murders and fights. Sometimes these are matched by an even more dramatic return. As if to illustrate the point, local hard-man Sean Slater makes a shocking return to the Vic this week, drenched from head to toe in blood.

Unfortunately no one seems to know what he’s done or where he’s been. Stacey pleads with her brother to go to the hospital, but he isn’t having any of it. She later tries to quiz him on what happened but he remains frustratingly evasive. But just when you think she’s getting nowhere she finds a crumpled up piece of paper with an address on. Could this unlock the secret to the mystery?

Needless to say Charlie’s none too pleased to have loose cannon Sean under his roof again and makes his feelings clear to the wayward barman. However, Charlie could soon get his wish as Bradley and Stacey come up with a plan to get Sean out of the square and away from trouble. They decide to tell him that Little Mo has invited the three of them to stay with her for a while, but Sean couldn’t care less about their family outing. How will Stacey convince her big brother to go away with them?

It seems Sean has got more important things on his mind than playing happy families with little Mo and his sister. When he discovers Ronnie is back on the square and no one told him, he goes ballistic and wants to charge straight round there and force her to reveal her sister’s whereabouts. Will Stacey get to her brother before he catches up with Ronnie?

Meanwhile, Max is finding it difficult to stand by and watch his brother muscle in on his wife and family. Like a time-bomb waiting to explode, Max finally unleashes his fury in the pub and tells a gaggle of unwitting punters that his wife is now shacked up with his brother. Dot is shocked but doesn’t seem to have too much of a problem with it. Feeling everyone is against him, Max goes upstairs, finds a letter, which he opens, and then starts to smile.

Later, Max apologises to Tanya and Jack for his behaviour in the Vic, saying he knows he was bang out of line. But when he reveals that he will be staying in the square after all, Tanya and Jack are horrified. Max says he wants them all to get on for the sake of the children but

Tanya and Jack are more than a little bit sceptical about his true motives for sticking around. What is Max up to? Could it be something to do with the letter he found?

Elsewhere, Mickey and his layabout dad, Keith, are about to call time on their stay in the square. Darren and Mickey find a letter from Rosie addressed to Keith offering him a job in the hotel in the Cotswolds where she works. Keith later confesses that he never went for the job. Mickey is furious. How could his lazy dad pass up an opportunity to make his and his family’s life better?

Mickey decides that if his dad isn’t going to take the job then he will, much to the shock of the rest of the Miller family. But even more shocking, when Mickey is in the Vic saying his goodbyes, in walks Keith dressed to the nines, clean shaven with Genghis at his heels – he is coming along too.
EastEnders: A blood-soaked Sean returns to the square

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