Hollyoaks: Steph and Max’s wedding plans go awry

PinkNews Staff Writer June 14, 2008
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In soap world there is no such thing as a normal wedding and Hollyoaks is no different. Call it superstition, but from the moment Steph accidentally rips her wedding dress, just 48 hours before the big day, it seems like everything starts to go wrong. Overreacting to the situation, Steph decides that a torn wedding dress means no wedding. Haven’t these people heard of dressmakers?

Luckily, one person in the village has some sense and after a bit of effort Mandy has talked Steph back into the wedding. Phew!

Unfortunately, as fast as Mandy can talk Steph into the wedding, OB is rapidly talking Max out of it. Will these two ever get together?

It seems the nuptials are destined to be plagued by trouble and things don’t get any better after OB’s return to Hollyoaks for Max’s stag party. He is surprised to find Max wallowing in self pity because the wedding’s had to be put on hold again. Something of a Job’s comforter, OB decides to add his two-pennyworth and suggests Max goes to live in New York with him and Summer. Will Max follow OB ‘s advice and head off to the Big Apple or will he stay in Hollyoaks and patch things up with his wife-to-be?

As if reading his mind, fate takes the choice out of his hands when Max later wakes up in a hungover heap. Remembering it’s his wedding day, he starts to panic and is stricken with severe chest pains. He’s rushed to hospital but what will the prognosis be? Will Max make it back in time for the wedding?

Meanwhile, Myra is in for a few shocks of her own this week after Michaela “accidentally” lets it slip that John Paul may be seeing someone.

Later, Myra’s curiosity gets the better of her and she searches John Paul’s room for clues of his new love interest. Imagine her surprise when she finds out that her son is sleeping with Kieron. Will Myra keep quiet or blab?

Unfortunately, the weight of the secret proves too much to bear for Myra when she sees Kieron in church. Seething at his hypocrisy, she publicly outs Kieron and runs out of the church in true dramatic soap style.

It’s clear that Myra’s deeply upset and finds it hard to be around her son.
Devastated after Myra’s outburst, Kieron tells John Paul that his whole life is the church and that he’s lost everything. John Paul takes this as a rejection.

Kieron has a change of heart later in the week and announces that he’ll leave the church so that he and John Paul can be together. How will Myra react to this?
Elsewhere, drug-addict Sasha is still up to her old tricks and no one, it seems, is willing or able to help her. Desperate for a fix, she and fellow addict Fletch knock Cindy down and snatch her purse.

Sasha sinks to a new low by sleeping with Nige for drugs. This happens while she’s supposed to be looking after little Leah. Ste and Amy arrive home to find Leah alone near a needle and a half-dressed Nige appearing from the bedroom. Needless to say, Amy is furious with Sasha for putting Leah in danger. What will it take for the troubled drug-addict to get the help she needs?
Hollyoaks: Steph and Max’s wedding plans go awry

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