Emmerdale: Sam and Eli torch the factory

PinkNews Staff Writer June 14, 2008
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Things are not looking up for Pollard this week. Besieged by money problems, Val realises desperate measures are called for. She confesses to Diane that she’ll have to consider selling her share of the pub. However, when she overhears Jimmy saying he wants to invest in property, she sells him the idea of converting the factory into apartments.

Later, Val tells Pollard that she could get £150,000 for her share of the pub. Elated, Pollard thanks her but is not so keen when she suggests letting the King brothers buy out the factory.

Running out of choices, Pollard is soon forced to close the factory, much to the shock of all the staff. But things are set to get even worse as Sam takes Pollard literally when he says it would be better if the factory had burned down. Will Pollard live to regret these words?

Eager to help, Sam tells Eli what Pollard said about the factory. Spotting an opportunity, Eli is immediately onboard. The scheming pair agree to pilfer anything they might be able to sell before using an old electric heater to send the factory up in smoke. How will Pollard react when he discovers what’s happened?

Later, Pollard is secretly relieved when the fire officer tells him and Val that the electric heater started the fire. The evidence all points toward it being an accident.
The ordeal is far from over, as Val is furious, immediately blames Pearl for the fire and wastes no time in storming over to her place to give her what for. But when Pollard realises what Val’s done he has no choice but to reveal that Sam started the fire intentionally. Will Val go to the police?

Elsewhere in the dales, Carl is worried when Donald has a funny turn. He offers to take him to the hospital but Donald insists he’s had enough of hospitals to last him a lifetime. He says he’ll lie down on the couch for a while. How will Donald react when he finds out that Carl is just as stubborn as him and has called a doctor anyway?

Later, Carl is horrified to see Donald working in the office. He insists that he take it easy and lie on a lounger in the garden with only a book and radio to keep him company. Touched by Carl’s concern, Donald insists that it won’t go unrewarded. Will Donald finally listen to Carl and take time out?

Over at The Woolpack, Val asks Marlon to warm up some gazpacho soup. This is the last straw for the young chef. He loses it and orders her out of the kitchen. Val is left fuming.
Diane gently suggests to Marlon that he should stick to the cooking and drop the drama queen act. However, when the new manager of rival pub The Malt drops in and offers him a job, Marlon is given food for thought. Will he ditch The Woolpack to further his career?

There’s more embarrassment in store for Val this week too, when she mistakenly announces that The Woolpack is the winner of the pub of the year competition. Diane arrives with the judge, who is forced to explain that Val has got the wrong end of the stick. The Woolpack received top marks, but only for food. To add insult to injury, The Malt wins the title hands down. Poor Val, how much more can she take?
Emmerdale: Sam and Eli torch the factory

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