Hollyoaks: Eli bombs the Loft

PinkNews Staff Writer June 14, 2008
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Revenge is the name of the game in this week’s visit to Hollyoaks as Newt blames Warren for Frankie’s misery. The young lad decides to get his own back on Warren. Thinking along the same lines, his partner-in-crime Eli rigs the Loft’s security cameras so that he and Newt can slip into the club unnoticed. Newt wonders what Eli has planned and is shocked when he reveals a homemade bomb. Has Eli taken Newt’s plan for revenge too far?

Newt is furious when Eli detonates the smoke bomb in the Loft and leaves him to take the blame. It’s obvious that Eli’s extreme behaviour is starting to disturb Newt, but he struggles to stand up to his violent friend. Louise is left visibly shaken after the bomb and mistakenly tells Warren that Frankie must be responsible. What will she do when she finds out it was Eli and Newt?

Things start getting even more out of hand, if that’s possible, when Newt catches Eli stealing the takings from The Dog. He warns him that enough is enough and orders him to return the money, but Eli overpowers him and disappears. Where will Eli’s revenge trip end?

Lauren can’t understand why Newt won’t stand up to Eli and begins to feel concerned for her friend. She needn’t worry though as Newt finally plucks up the courage to put an end to Eli’s reign of terror. He asks him to leave Hollyoaks forever. Eli agrees, but there is one catch, Newt has to go with him. What will Newt decide? Will he leave Hollyoaks for good to protect his friends from evil Eli?

There’s more plotting and scheming going on elsewhere in the village as Mercedes is determined to knock Hannah down a peg or two. She challenges Darren to bed Hannah in return for a night in her own company. Of course, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that Darren immediately takes her up on the bet.

Darren eventually persuades Hannah and Nancy to come to the Dog for a drink and Hannah ends up getting so drunk that she doesn’t know whether she’s coming or going. Darren seizes his chance to take an incriminating photo of her to make it look as though they slept together. But when he finally shows Mercedes the photo, she immediately sends it to Danny so that she can bed him. How will Hannah react when she finds out Mercedes has her claws in her man?

Meanwhile, things aren’t looking too good for drug addict Fletch, as he offers to share his heroin with fellow junkie Sasha. He later asks her to go to London with him and leave Hollyoaks for good. Will Sasha take Fletch up on his offer?

Later in the week, Hannah is shocked when she sees the state of Fletch and tries to offer him some food but he isn’t having any of it and scuttles off. What will become of him?
Elsewhere, Tom is concerned that Max and Steph will never get back together. It’s not helped by the fact that Holly winds him up about Max having a new girlfriend.

Determined to get them talking, Tom decides to superglue the two of them together in the hope that they will be forced to resolve their differences. Will his plan to get them back together work? Or will it come unstuck?
Hollyoaks: Eli bombs the Loft

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