EastEnders:Mad May blows up the Miller’s house

PinkNews Staff Writer June 14, 2008
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It was only a matter of time before psychotic GP May Wright made a second kidnap attempt on little baby Summer. This week it looks like time has run out for Dawn and her daughter as mad May turns up in Albert Square with one thing on her mind.

Typical of events in soap world, Jase picks this week to break things off with Dawn. That leaves the young mum alone and extra vulnerable to any psycho doctors on the loose. To make matters even worse, the crazy GP is spotted and stopped by Jane who asks her why she is back in Albert Square. Despite this, Jane fails to stop May from going over to the Miller’s.

Meanwhile, Dawn has just got back from the Vic after being dumped by Jase. She slams the front door in fury, but a few minutes later the doorbell goes. Could it be Jase coming back to make amends? Of course not, it’s the wicked witch of Walford, May. Needless to say Dawn is shocked and goes to ring the police. May pleads with her and tries to convince her that she has changed. Will Dawn buy May’s story?

Dawn heads out to collect Summer from Mickey in the Vic and promptly takes her home. But as she takes the baby upstairs she hears a noise. Heading down the stairs she sees May with a crowbar in hand, standing over Mickey’s lifeless body.

May locks Dawn and Summer in a bedroom and manages to prise the baby away from her mum. Suddenly, Mickey barges in through the doors and tackles May. Dawn sees her chance and grabs Summer. Retreating downstairs, May realises that she will never have Summer and in a fit of desperation blows up the gas oven with a lighter. Can Mickey, Dawn and baby Summer survive the explosion?

Elsewhere, scheming minx Lucy is causing fireworks of a different kind. Christian catches her getting frisky with Olly at his flat. He immediately takes his keys away from her and tells her to go back home. The teenage couple go back to the Beale’s to carry on their romancing. Lucy sets the scene with candles and music, but is this more about winding her dad up than losing her virginity?

Lucy’s plan works a treat. Ian catches them in the act and promptly turfs Olly out on to the streets, dowsing him with a bucket of cold water in the process. Ian tells Lucy that she is too young for a physical relationship. Stirring things up Lucy tells her dad that Christian didn’t think so. Furious to hear that Christian let Lucy use his flat, Ian storms off to the Vic to find him. He plants a fierce right hook on Christian’s chin. When will Lucy grow up and stop playing her family off against each other?

Later, Christian comes round to apologise to Ian. He tells him that Lucy didn’t sleep with Olly, as he caught them before anything happened. Ian is relieved but when Lucy comes downstairs with bags packed he can’t believe she is running off again. However, it turns out that she wants to go and live with Christian. Ian has little choice but to accept for fear that she could run away to live on the streets again. Will Christian be a positive influence on the tearaway teen? Or will she defy his authority just like her dad’s?
EastEnders:Mad May blows up the Miller’s house

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