Coronation Street: Michelle suspects Steve’s affair

PinkNews Staff Writer June 14, 2008
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Not a lot gets past Michelle and she’s now starting to close in on Becky and Steve’s sordid secret. Fortunately for them, Michelle’s soon put off the scent by various people. First, Lloyd tries to pull the wool over her eyes by telling her that she’s overreacting. Ballsy Michelle isn’t one to be pacified easily and demands he tell her what’s going on. Lloyd realises that his tactic of denying everything isn’t going to wash with Michelle. In a bid to stall for time, he promises to meet up with her later. Is Lloyd going to let the cat out of the bag?

Later in the café Becky strains to overhear Lloyd and Michelle’s conversation. She’s relieved when she hears him make up a cock and bull story about Steve blowing five grand in the casino. However, Lloyd’s cunning plan to deflect Michelle from the truth backfires dramatically when she checks Steve’s credit card bill and finds no sign of a missing five grand.

To make matters worse, when Michelle questions him, Steve denies having ever been to a casino. Realising there is something amiss Michelle vows to find out the truth. How will she react when she discovers what Steve and Becky have done?

Later, Michelle becomes convinced that Steve has slept with someone else. She makes it her mission to discover who. Inevitably, she draws the wrong conclusion when Liz makes an innocent remark about how well Leanne and Steve get on. With her paranoia at fever pitch, Michelle convinces herself that Leanne is the scheming woman who’s been sleeping with her bloke. When she sees Leanne talking secretively to Lloyd in the pub Michelle sees red and sacks her on the spot. Will Michelle come to regret her rash decision once she’s calmed down?

Elsewhere, things aren’t looking too rosy for David and Tina after Audrey discovers that Ted forged David’s reference. As you can imagine, Audrey hits the roof and threatens to ring the salon and tell them exactly what has gone on. David and Ted try to appeal to her better nature but Audrey seems determined to carry out her threat. Will David have to kiss goodbye to his job or will Audrey have a change of heart?

In the current tense climate, it probably isn’t wise of David to throw a wild party and annoy half of the street with raucous music and carrying-on. But this is David we’re talking about. Needless to say, the party’s guest list quickly doubles and so does the racket. Before we know it, a furious Teresa storms into the house and breaks Tina’s MP3 player in front of everyone. David surveys the debris in the living room and realises the party might not have been his best idea. What will Audrey say when she comes to inspect the house the following morning ?

Meanwhile, Tony and Carla struggle to see eye-to-eye after Tony unveils his plan to retire in five years. He tells her the only way they will be able to do this is if they combine their two businesses to cut down on overheads. At first Carla is interested, but when Tony suggests that they buy up the garage and paper shop too she starts to get cold feet. Why does Tony want to get things moving so fast?
Coronation Street: Michelle suspects Steve’s affair

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