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Pornographer attacks Presidential candidate over gay rights

Jonas Oliver May 28, 2008
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Former gay porn performer and current conservative activist Matt Sanchez has come out against Barack Obama, arguing that the Presidential hopeful not only has a pastor problem but a gay problem as well.

Though he doesn’t exactly define what Barack Obama’s “gay problem” is in his recently published article at World Net Daily, Sanchez, a former marine who was famously outed for his work in gay adult films after cosying up to hardcore right wingers, alludes to the fact that the Democratic frontrunner’s gay issue may be even more significant than the Rev Jeremiah Wright issue.

According to, Sanchez loosely likens Barack Obama’s gay problems to “a staph infection resistant to aggressive antibiotics” and suggests that it will continue to recur if the American media would begin to pay attention to it.

Sanchez also simultaneously calls on both the right wing of the Republican Party and gay and lesbian voters to come out strongly against Barack Obama and to encourage a review of his past and his associates.

In the World Net Daily article, Sanchez writes:

“The history between Obama and the LGBT movement goes way back. The ‘Barack Obama for President’ campaign got early seed money from billionaire, gay activist and entertainment executive David Geffen.

“Geffen gave Obama the pink thumbs-up after banishing the Clintons from Tinseltown.

“The honeymoon did not last.

“Obama ruffled LGBT sensitivities when an ex-gay gospel singer headlined during the early days of Obama’s Presidential run.

“Gay activists protested to have the singer removed from the campaign. The peddlers of pride, diversity, free speech, tolerance and fairness in the workplace wanted the singing black guy fired for disagreeing with them.

“If that sounds as inconsistent as the vows of two men publicly promising to be monogamous to one another, don’t worry; none of this stuff is supposed to make sense, especially for the first serious biracial contender to the White House.

“Ever notice the LGBT advocates constantly compare the same-sex struggle to the civil rights movement?

“According to polls, African-Americans are the most opposed to the legalisation of gay marriage, and no black leader has endorsed the comparison between racial equality and the “right” for pre-op transsexuals to get a taxpayer funded sex change.

“The liberal interpretation of the civil rights struggle through the rainbow-coloured glasses of the “queer theory” activist would have given the Rev Martin Luther King a nightmare, rather than a dream.”

Apparently Mr. Sanchez was unaware that Martin Luther King’s widow, Coretta Scott King, was in favour of including gays and lesbians in Employment Non-Discrimination legislation or that prominent black activists Rev Al Sharpton supports same-sex marriage.

Perhaps Mr. Sanchez was distracted by reviewing his hit porn flick Montreal Men while looking up facts for his article. Or at least so would it seem.

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