Gay socialist “ready” to run for President of France

Tony Grew May 28, 2008
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One of Europe’s most high-profile gay politicians has indicated he is ready to run for leader of France’s Parti Socialiste and possibly the Presidency.

Bertrard Delanoe has proved to be a popular Mayor of Paris since taking office in 2001, with innovative ideas such as Paris Plage and a bike-hiring scheme proving popular with the city’s residents.

He famously announced his sexuality in a television interview in 1998.

Mr Delanoe, 58, was re-elected earlier this year.

Speaking to journalists at the launch of his new book, which urges French Socialists to accept Blairite reforms to the economy, he rejected the assertion that outside of Paris a gay man would not be electable.

“People say that homosexuality is acceptable in Paris but not in the suburbs or in the provinces but that’s a false idea,” he said.

“So long as people feel that it is not a problem for me, then it’s not a problem for them.”

A survey taken this month found that 57% of voters thought he would make a good President.

The Socialist candidate in last year’s Presidential elections, Segolene Royal, only took 28%.

Her chances of running again in 2012 look slim, and Mr Delanoe is regarded as a leading candidate for the Socialist nomination.

Ms Royal has declared an interest in leading the party.

Perhaps the best indicator of the Mayor’s success is the way in which other European cities, such as London, are keen to replicate his innovative schemes.

The best known is Paris Plage, when a beach is created on the banks of the Seine. This summer event has become wildly popular.

Despite his party’s defeat to Nicolas Sarkozy and the UMP in last year’s elections, the Socialists made significant gains in Paris, winning 13 out of 21 districts.

This result sparked rumours of a future Presidential bid.

An attempted assassination of Mr Delanoe in October 2002 did no harm to his popularity.

He was stabbed during the ‘Nuit Blanche’ Parisian festival while socialising with the crowds.

His assailant, Azedine Berkane, reportedly told police: “he hated politicians, the Socialist Party, and the homosexuals.”

Before being taken to hospital the Mayor ordered that festivities continued.

Nicolas Sarkozy won a solid 53% of the vote in the second round of the Presidential elections last May to Ms Royal’s to 47%.

There was a huge turnout of 85%.

The victory of right-wing Mr Sarkozy meant that the chances of gay marriage becoming legal in France are greatly reduced.

The President spoke out against gay marriage throughout his campaign.

His victory was greeted with sporadic street violence.

A 2006 Ipsos survey shows that 62% of French voters support gay marriage, while 37% were opposed.

When asked whether same-sex couples should be allowed to adopt children, the survey found more people to be in opposition (55%) than in support (44%).

French same-sex couples who enter into Civil Solidarity Pacts already enjoy some of the rights that heterosexual married couples have, although couples are not able to adopt or have artificial insemination.

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