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Spray-on condom unveiled

Steve Leng November 21, 2007
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A German inventor had invented a spray-on condom.

Jan Vinzenze Krause, director of the Institute for Condom Consultancy said the idea came from the idea that the condom should fit the man, and not the other way round.

Speaking to Spiegel Online he said: “If you go into a drug store to buy condoms, the ones they sell are mainly suited to men with the average penis length of 14.5 centimetres (5.51 inches), but a lot of people have penises that are smaller or larger than that.

“This would represent a revolution in the condom market,” he added.

The device works by spraying liquid latex straight on to the penis, which covers it in a matter of seconds.

The spray-on condom will, however, work out as more expensive than conventional ones.

The chamber will cost around £11 to £18 and the liquid latex refills, which produce between 10 and 20 condoms depending on size, will be priced at between £3.50 to £7.

That amounts to around 70p per condom, compared with around 35p per conventional sheath.

Although there are many legal hurdles to overcome and technical niggles to iron out, he is hoping it will eventually be available to buy in shops.

The system works a bit like a car wash. The man put his penis in a chamber and presses a button to start the jets of liquid latex, sucked from a detachable cartridge.

The rubber dries in seconds and is later rolled off and discarded like a conventional condom.

The aim is for the process to take just 10 seconds but at present the latex drying time is around 20 to 25 seconds. “We’re working to shorten that time,” said Krause.

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