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Arizona city vows to protect LGBT people

Steve Leng November 19, 2007
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A city in Arizona’s Personnel Board has voted unanimously to recommend the city protects gays and transgender people from discrimination.

This is the first of Scottsdale’s three part ordinance, including a proposal requiring all of the cities businesses to offer protection for the LGBT community.

There were a few objections to the board’s approval.

According to AP, one resident called the situation “abominable” and called that such behaviour was “deviant” and that such a “choice” did not deserve legal protection.

However, board chairwoman Eula Dean said: “I can recall when it was not popular to use people of colour.

“I look to the policy to protect all people at all times in order to make a safe community for all people at all times.”

Rick Kidder, president of the Scottsdale Area Chamber of Commerce, said many businesses already protect gay and transgender people who work for them but businesses would object if they had to spend a lot of money to offer equal protection.

Some businesses have voiced concerns that they may have to alter their toilets and rest rooms.

Arizona is relatively liberal on the map of states of the US and their treatment of homosexuality.

In November 2006 voters rejected a change in the constitution that would have banned gay marriage and civil partnership laws completely.

Over 30 US states have state law or constitutional banning of civil unions with only Massachusetts allowing full gay marriage.

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