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Republican candidate advertised on gay dating site

PinkNews Staff Writer November 8, 2007

Being the Presidential hopeful with the heaviest Web advertising presence can be a difficult position to be in – sometimes it means your campaign ads will show up in unexpected places.

Republican candidate Mitt Romney is finding that out the hard way, according to a recent article in The New York Times.

Apparently, banner ads saying “Mitt Romney for President – Vote Team Mitt!” appeared on website for two days in August, appearing at least 32,000 times.

Romney’s aides claimed to not know about the ads when contacted by the newspaper, which received its information from the Nielsen Online AdRelevance monitoring service.

The same report indicated thousands of “Romney for President” ads also have appeared on, a site used by those who like to write stories about their favorite fictional characters (some of which involve X-rated situations between the likes of Harry Potter and Hermione Granger).

Romney’s aides told The New York Times campaign ads are not supposed to appear dating or “alternative lifestyle” sites, nor should they be appear on sites with pornographic images, gambling or left-leaning political content.

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