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Baseball team’s gay night annoys Christians

PinkNews Staff Writer July 4, 2007
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For some reason whenever you get a group of gay people in a place outside of a club or a pride parade everyone seems to get up in arms.

That is enhanced when the group is stepping on sacred ground where only “straight” people are allowed to go, and a sports arena is perceived to be as straight as you can get.

This month Petco Park in San Diego is holding an event that has already gotten people riled up over what seemed like a simple idea.

On July 8th the San Diego Padres have designated the game as “Pride Night,” where San Diego Gay Pride supporters can attend the baseball game at a discounted price, and can hear the Gay Men’s Chorus who plan on singing the National Anthem.

The seemingly innocent material appeared on San Diego Pride’s website recognising the day as an official pride event.

The invite stated:

“This is an opportunity to celebrate LGBT Pride while enjoying a night of fun, baseball and recognition for the San Diego LGBT community.

“We’re offering specially discounted tickets for everyone who wants to show their support of equality, freedom and diversity. $16 discounted tickets can be purchased through the Padre’s website.”

Hardly anything to make a fuss about, but local religious and antigay groups are coming out in full force to show their opposition to something that seems so innocent.

Phil Magnan, the director for Biblical Family Advocates said:

“This action by the San Diego Padres management has greatly tarnished their record as being a family friendly organisation.

“They have truly offended the moral and religious sensibilities of literally thousands of fans. I will never look at the Padres the same way that I have over the past 40 plus years here in San Diego, enjoying its image as being pro family. It is really sad.”

Unfortunately The Biblical Family advocates were joined by other organisations who have a problem with the Padres “support” of the Pride Night.

The Set Free Ministries have planned to distribute flyers outside of Petco Park, which will spell out their objections of the event.

The El Cajon based ministry pointed out that Pride Night coincides with the Padres weekly promotion where kids get a free floppy cap.

J. D. Loveland, the development director of the organisation, told the San Diego Union-Tribune that he wouldn’t have a problem with Pride Night if it didn’t coincide with the floppy cap promotion.

“We have absolutely no hard feelings with the gays and lesbians, the Padres or anybody,” Loveland said. “It’s just that (the promotion) happened and it shouldn’t have happened.

“We’re concerned about Christian parents and other parents who do not want to have to answer at a ballgame why Adam and Steve are doing what they are doing.”

But the absurdity of it all gets worse as the organisation plans on holding a walkout by their 42 concession stand fundraisers.

The upside of their actions is that by withdrawing their booths the self-funded Baptist non-profit organisation stands to lose an estimated $1,680 (£840).

Tim Haskins, the spokesperson from the Padres explained to WND that it was just a block purchase of tickets by a customer, in this case a “gay” organisation, like any other bulk purchase, and that the team had no objections or control over who bought tickets.

The fact that it coincides with the children’s promotion was coincidental.

Although this is hardly an endorsement by the team, they are selling the tickets through the Padre’s website and have invited the Gay Men’s Choir to sing the National Anthem.

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